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WRITTEN BY SHERI BASTIEN  ON LEG FIVE, FROM ARUBA TO PANAMA Today the crew had an exciting outreach opportunity as we had the privilege of visiting school children in Guna Yala and facilitated activities on plastic pollution, including a play (to overcome language barriers) about the plastic pollution problem and where the issue stems from. […]

Sailing Away

WRITTEN BY SOFIA NOGUES ON LEG FIVE, FROM ARUBA TO PANAMA We set sail from Aruba with winds of around 15 knots and gusts of over 20 knots – perfect to get S.V.TravelEdge moving. As we left the island behind and we sailed into the sunset, Sophie invited me to steer at the helm and […]

Source to Sink

WRITTEN BY LILY STUART ON LEG FOUR, FROM ARUBA TO PANAMA We’ve set sail from Aruba to Panama charting a course through the breathtaking San Blas Islands. Sailing on Friday the 13th was definitely lucky for us, the conditions were clear and we were soon racing a pod of dolphins. Before heading out to the […]

Meeting the eXXpedition Team

WRITTEN BY PINDY BHULLAR ON LEG FOUR, FROM ARUBA TO PANAMA   At 10am, we all met at the S.V TravelEdge – 3 professional sailers (Anna, Maggie, Sophie), 1 eXXpedition leader (Sally) and 10 ladies from all over the world! We were also introduced to our home for the next 10 nights, S.V TravelEdge. A […]


Two months into our two-year long mission, we have just completed Leg Four of eXXpedition Round the World from Antigua to Aruba with Red Ensign Group! The amazing group of women onboard include a PhD Marine Scientist, a producer at National Geographic, a designer, community manager, a technology consultant, a photographer and marine toxicologist and environmentalist […]

Science at Sea

WRITTEN BY DR LA DAANA KANHHAI & JULIE ON LEG FOUR ANTIGUA TO ARUBA WITH RED ENSIGN GROUP   The issue of plastic pollution in the marine environment has emerged in the past decade as an important global environmental issue. The concern about these contaminants is due to their persistent ubiquitous nature and the threat […]

‘Type 2’ Fun at Sea

WRITTEN BY EMMA FEGGETTER ON LEG FOUR ANTIGUA TO ARUBA WITH RED ENSIGN GROUP All 10 of us would agree that we have all faced our own personal challenges during our time at sea as we travelled from Antigua to Aruba. Offshore sailing makes you live in relatively adverse conditions, the constant movement, the infrequent […]

Greening for the blue

WRITTEN BY RACHEL O’CALLAGHAN ON LEG FOUR ANTIGUA TO ARUBA WITH RED ENSIGN GROUP   While our vision and mission of eXXpedition is to shift the way we feel, think and act towards our oceans, in order to take care of our oceans we need to take care of our planet. Onboard S.V. TravelEdge weʼve got […]

Navigating the unseen

WRITTEN BY MARENA BRINKHURST ON LEG FOUR ANTIGUA TO ARUBA WITH RED ENSIGN GROUP If you’d have told me a week ago that I’d be helming (steering) a 72 foot, double-masted sailboat with 25 knots of wind behind me –in the darkness of 3 am no less!– I’d have laughed and told you that there’s […]

Antigua – a proud and encouraging community

WRITTEN BY LIV & NATHALIE ON LEG FOUR ANTIGUA TO ARUBA WITH RED ENSIGN GROUP As S.V. TravelEdge spent several days at the Antigua harbour and around its islands, this generated considerable awareness within its proud community. Some of the local people we met were already well aware of the work and aims of eXXpedition, […]

Beauty and the Beast

WRITTEN BY RACHEL & JULIET ON LEG FOUR ANTIGUA TO ARUBA WITH RED ENSIGN GROUP   It’s as if we’ve been dropped into a scene of Star Wars – faced with a desert of dust and pockets of gas pushing their way to the surface, like clouds being pushed in the wind, drifting up through […]

Science Wednesday

WRITTEN BY GUEST CREW ON BOARD ON LEG ONE FROM PLYMOUTH TO AZORES WITH ROTHY’S We had a birthday! We are out of eggs thanks to the smashing around that’s been going on, and so there ensued lots of secret discussions amongst the various watch crews on how they were going to manage a cake […]

Curious new friendships

WRITTEN ON LEG ONE FROM PLYMOUTH TO AZORES WITH ROTHY’S Day 4 on SV TravelEdge saw all the chirpy faces from the day before going back to slightly green with the change in tack overnight. We had people rolling out of beds and getting acquainted with the new orientations of the boat, to the point […]

Sea Legs Wanted

WRITTEN ON LEG ONE FROM PLYMOUTH TO AZORES WITH ROTHY’S It’s currently Day 3 (!??!) of eXXpedition Round the World mission. The last 3 days have somewhat blended together. As we departed Plymouth on Tuesday there was an overwhelming sense of anticipation, a complete joy that after months of preparation, we were finally setting sail […]

They’ve Set Sail!

First 10 women set sail at the beginning of Round the World Today, S.V TravelEdge set sail on the first leg of eXXpedition Round the World. eXXpedition Plymouth to Azores with Rothy’s will see the multidisciplinary crew of women, which includes a police constable, documentary filmmaker, yoga instructor, archaeologist, students, activists, and businesswomen head out into rough […]

Countdown to eXXpedition Round the World

The first members of our all-female crew are set for a plastic pollution circumnavigation The eXXpedition Round the World voyage, which sets sail from Sutton Harbour, Plymouth, UK on October 8th 2019, will sail for two years through some of the most important and diverse marine environments on the planet. This includes crossing four of the […]

Crew Profile of Soraya Abdel-Hadi

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and PhD Candidate Bimadoshka Pucan introduces crew member, eXXpedition Office Manager and sustainability professional Soraya Abdel-Hadi… “Soraya is the Office Manager for eXXpedition and joins leg 2 on the SeaDragon. Her passion for environmental health fuels her work in battling plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. She is a rock climber, […]

Crew Profile of Victoria Fritz

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member, designer and artist Nikkey Dawn introduces us to crew member and TV presenter Victoria Fritz… “If you live in the UK you’re probably familiar with crew member Victoria Fritz brining you the latest news on finance, economics and most recently transport for the BBC.  Victoria grew up in an idyllic […]

Crew Profile of Imogen Napper

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and marketing professional Meg Tapp tells us more about Leg 2 lead scientist and microplastic researcher Imogen Napper… “Where can I even begin to describe Imogen Napper? From the second we all gathered at the harbour in Vancouver, she was raring to go, and has been a crucial member of the […]

Day 26 Crew Update: Beach Clean with Tseshaht First Nations

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member, designer and photographer Nikkey Dawn shares the experience of visiting the Broken Islands… “We woke up to find the Sea Dragon once again in the middle of the mist, the Broken Islands surrounding us barely visible. After a quick breakfast Ana shuttled us over to Benson Island in the dingy. […]

Day 25 Crew Update: Approaching the Broken Islands

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and film producer Sarah Michler describes the power of the night watch… “One of the most empowering parts of eXXpedition is that we are an entirely female team. Before setting sail in Vancouver, someone innocently asked if it was also an all female crew on the boat. Yes, and it […]

Day 24 Crew Update: Profile of Beccy Finlayson

eXXpedition crew member and scientist Laura Leiva gives us an insight into crew member and TV researcher Beccy Finlayson “26th bottles, not 26 candles”… Beccy laughed, as she carried a bag full of plastic bottles that made their way through the Pacific Ocean from Asia to the uninhabited Broken Islands. For sure a memorable day to […]

Day 23 Crew Update: Plastic – the symptom of a larger cause

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and TV presenter Victoria Fritz explores how this voyage has shaped how she thinks about plastic “We wake to a cling-film sheen on the water and a plan to steer a 130 nautical mile course to a group of remote, uninhabited islands. A few hours in, with a bite in […]

Day 23 Crew Update: Science for non-scientists

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and marketing professional Meg Tapp shares how being on board has boosted her understanding of the science behind ocean plastic! “Being on Sea Dragon is all at once both exactly how I imagined it and nothing like it. The experience of being aboard with these incredible women is eye-opening in […]

Meet our North Pacific 2018 Bursary Recipients

In April, as part of our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, eXXpedition opened applications for two bursary places on the second leg of our North Pacific 2018 voyage. These two bursaries – one for a woman from a developing nation and one for a Female Indigenous Person of Canada – were made possible through the […]

Crew Update: Round Britain Day One

Update from Round Britain Crew Member Lynne Braham: “Yesterday we were just 14 women. None of us knew each other. One or two of us had met once or twice and some of us didn’t know anyone at all. We were just 14 diverse women, brought together by a single cause, but individual and unique […]

eXXpedition Awarded Grant by the Arran Trust

eXXpedition would like to extend a big thank you to the Arran Trust, who have awarded us a grant to support our activities and events in Lamlash Bay on 16th-18th August. Arran will be one of seven stops for Sea Dragon and her crew on the pioneering all-female Round Britain 2017 sail, which begins in […]

eXX RB: A Personal Introduction to eXXpedition

eXXpedition Round Britain crew member Sarah Tanburn shares her first Round Britain meeting insights: On a Saturday morning in late March, the surface of the Thames sparkled in bright sunshine as the tide rushed in from the sea. I walked the cobbled streets of Wapping towards the Hermitage Community Moorings excited to meet some of […]

Round Britain: First Impressions at Hermitage Moorings

Excitement is building for eXXpedition Round Britain and, in the run up to the sail, we will be sharing posts from our crew members, partners, sponsors and volunteers to give you a taste of what eXXpedition is all about and what you can expect from Round Britain on Sea Dragon. We want you to be […]

Meet Jen Pate

Meet Jen Pate… you might recognise Jen from our eXXpedition documentary: Making the Unseen Seen, that’s because Jen shot, produced and edited the film after her Atlantic crossing with the eXXpeditiongirls back in 2014!   Now Jen is back on Sea Dragon and this time she has a new objective: Mission Coordinator on the worlds first sampling mission […]

Meet Katie Hardyment

Meet Katie Hardyment… a passionate environmentalist and sustainability advocate. Katie’s fascination with the great outdoors and understanding the interaction of people and their environment led her to follow a path into Geography.  This path would lead to a roll with an NGO, and it’s here that Katie developed her passion for understanding why things are like […]

Meet Sara Mirabilio

Meet Sara Mirabilio… a marine scientist, fisheries extension specialist and lover of all things sea salt, making the unseen, seen on Leg 2 of eXXpedition Caribbean 2016.  If you’d asked Sara what she wanted to be at aged 12, it would have been a dolphin trainer or a sea turtle biologist, sea salt literally flowed through her […]

Meet Marika Dubé

Meet Marika Dubé… Caribbean Leg 1 crew, Public Relations Consultant and lover of all things ocean! Marika is a Project Manager by day, working for a public relations consulting firm in Montreal, Canada, and is taking Biology classes at University to deepen her understanding of conservation, ethical and animal welfare issues. Whilst in Thailand last […]

WAVE MAKERS: eXXpedition needs you

Life has a funny way of working out. It twists and turns and you never really get to see what’s waiting around the corner. But that’s the beauty right? the mystery. The adventure.

Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 November – 1200 27°25.88N 22°42.26W

The sea conditions, like a giant washing machine, have locked our “dragon” onto a point of sail too tilted and unstable to do anything but basically follow our daily routines. Malin commented that the sensation of the boat’s motion made her feel drunk and Jen felt it was akin to being in a washing machine! […]

Where Our Waste Goes

With just one day to go before we set sail the Exxpedition crew have been out and about in Lanzarote. We visited the island’s waste management facility Environmental Complex Zonzamas where all the rubbish is processed. Our guide Carmen Portella Ernest runs eco-trips on the island and is a keen birdwatcher   Since we’ve been docked […]

eXXpedition Atlantic 2014 Trailer

Sail with us…through film! We will be telling the story of our journey by producing a feature-length documentary led by our on-board filmmaker Jennifer Pate but with essential contributions from the whole crew. This will be a story of real women, using adventure, research and life experience to ask big questions about the relationship between environmental […]

Why eXXpedition 2014? – Jenna's story!

EXXpedition Atlantic 2014 Resident Engineer Jenna Jambeck tells us why she joined our mission! “Friends younger than I have been diagnosed with ‪#‎breast‬ ‪#‎cancer‬. There are countless more people I know that have either succumbed to or beat cancer. While exposure to toxins is not the only cause, it certainly can contribute. And, while some […]

Maria, our Artist in Residence!

Maria is the latest addition to the crew. She graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art from Camberwell School of Art & a Postgraduate degree in Art & Design Education from Goldsmith’s University, London. She is passionate advocate and lover of all things related to water. Maria’s work explores interactions between human manipulation of […]