eXXpedition crew member and scientist Laura Leiva gives us an insight into crew member and TV researcher Beccy Finlayson

“26th bottles, not 26 candles”… Beccy laughed, as she carried a bag full of plastic bottles that made their way through the Pacific Ocean from Asia to the uninhabited Broken Islands. For sure a memorable day to turn 26 as we hiked our way amongst pinny branches, roots and giant trees on remote Benson Island for a beach cleanup.

It’s Day 5 on board, and I have never seen her seasick or without a smile on her face. She definitely feels at home on board Sea Dragon, surrounded by water and environmentalists.
Since a young age Beccy was sure about her love for nature and expressed it through a concern for the environment. An adventurer at heart she grew up sailing and pursued a degree in Physical Geography. Unsurprisingly her day job as a researcher for BBC Country File is full of hiking, wildlife encounters and sustainable living.

Her job has inspired her to document, through pictures and film what she is passionate about. Such as marine plastic pollution, and it’s inspiring to see how everyday on board she takes notes during her 2-3 am night watch and carefully selects among hundreds of pictures, sound and video clips for her future short film on eXXpedition North Pacific 2018.
An energetic and kindhearted young woman I have been lucky to have her as my night watch buddy, as she keeps me awake with her stories and inspires me to be a better person.
Happy 26th birthday Beccy!”

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