EXXpedition Atlantic 2014 Resident Engineer Jenna Jambeck tells us why she joined our mission!
“Friends younger than I have been diagnosed with ‪#‎breast‬ ‪#‎cancer‬. There are countless more people I know that have either succumbed to or beat cancer. While exposure to toxins is not the only cause, it certainly can contribute. And, while some people choose to put some toxins into their bodies, when people are unaware of them in items they use or in their ‪#‎environment‬, it is not a choice. Becoming aware empowers people to take more control over what they are exposed to. I dedicate this voyage to my step mom and my cousin and to all those that have passed on, been touched by, or are battling cancer right now.”
Read more at: http://jambeck.engr.uga.edu/why-exxpedition-2014
eXXpedition Atlantic Departs 16th November 2014 from Lanzarote!