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The eXXpedition team is passionate about the importance of diversity and inclusiveness in our voyages, and is pleased to work with generous partners and foundations to offer a crew space to an individual who might otherwise not have the opportunity to join us.

We have been thrilled to have a bursary recipient onboard the first leg of our Round the World expedition, as well as two recipients during our North Pacific expedition.

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Bursary Recipient Spotlight

Kirana Nagustina, Indonesia

Kirana has a scientific background in Marine Science which has given her full understanding of Indonesia’s potential for leading the world in environmental issues. She has worked in marine conservation for nearly seven years and just finished her postgraduate program at University College London on Environment, Politics and Society and researched on “Ocean Plastic, Politics of Scale and Indonesia’s National Plan of Action”.

Kirana is the recipient of a developing nations bursary on Leg One from Plymouth to Azores with Rothy’s, supported by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).  She hopes to help Indonesia’s Government in the future becomes an ocean advocate in the fight against ocean plastic issues.

Kirana has used her experience to shift the way people feel, think and act across Indonesia.

“I want to make the issue of the amount of toxics floating in our ocean a trending topic among my peers and I am looking forward to meet other women with my same ecological principles and passion.” – Laura Leiva, Honduras

Developing Nations Bursary Recipient 

Bursary Partners and sponsors

Thank You

These bursary positions for women from developing nations and for Female Indigenous Person of Canada were made possible by the support of our gold sponsors and partner organisations.

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