marika 3_635906552472953484_Afterlight_EditMeet Marika Dubé… Caribbean Leg 1 crew, Public Relations Consultant and lover of all things ocean!

Marika is a Project Manager by day, working for a public relations consulting firm in Montreal, Canada, and is taking Biology classes at University to deepen her understanding of conservation, ethical and animal welfare issues.

Whilst in Thailand last year Marika donned flippers and a wetsuit for the first time and instantly fell in love with the deep blue. She gained a sense of how beautiful and important our underwater ecosystems are, and now feels a responsibility to do something to protect them.

Since then Marika has been influenced by eXXpedition partner Mission Blue’s founder Dr Sylvia A. Earle, after hearing her inspirational message at a recent conference. Marika now feels compelled to make conservation a central part of her life, and is excited to take this journey with eXXpedition and see how many people she can reach with her message of hope for the oceans.

Q: What colour is your toothbrush?

A: Bamboo! No plastic 🙂

Q: If you could teleport where would you go and why?

A: Under the seaaaa ! It’s really where I dream of being everyday. Ideally, on a whale shark dive in Honduras

Q: Who do you admire the most (dead or alive)?

A: Sylvia Earle is an inspiring female figure for me. I love her positive energy and contagious passion for the ocean

Q: What’s your top tip for reducing plastic use – what works for you?

A: I try to buy in bulk as many daily food and household products as possible and if I need to get something that is packaged, I choose the least amount of packaging and the least toxic kinds of plastics that are easy to recycle.

I also try to make as much of my own products as I can! Exfoliant, household cleaners, etc.

Finally, I carry mason jars and reusable bags everywhere I go! That way, if I want coffee or if I want to do some impromptu shopping, I won’t have to use any single-use plastic products 🙂

I’m trying to transition slowly into a zero-waste life and it’s a challenging but very rewarding process!

Q: If you could put just one thing at the top of your bucket list, what would it be?

A: ONE THING?! That’s tough. But I’ll go with: Shark diving in Belize’s Blue Hole

Q: What’s the most delightful word you can think of?

A: The french word for a shipwreck: Épave. I find it inspires stillness and regeneration. New life forms on shipwrecks in a way that is calm and humble. It’s a beautiful thing!

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Q: What’s your biggest fear?

A: Getting caught up in a 9 to 5 life void of adventure. That’s the scariest thing I can imagine

Q: Favourite flavour ice-cream?

A: Mint + chocolate chip. Da beeeeest

Q: Who would be your 4 ultimate dinner party guests (dead or alive)?

A: Gene Baur, the co-founder of New York’s Farm Sanctuary. I’d love to learn more about his work and discuss compassion with him. He’s done so much to change the farming industry.

Sylvia Earle. An inspiring ambassador for oceans!

Maya Angelou. Her words are healing and I’d love to have the honour to hear some of them in person

Jane Goodall. She has the kind of knowledge and wisdom that I will never be able to access myself. I would have so many questions for her!

Q: Where would you go if you were invisible?

A: Up close and personal with a great white shark! I can’t bother him and he can’t hurt me

Q: If you owned your own Yacht, what would you call her?

A: Le Vaisseau d’Or. It’s the title of a beautiful French Canadian poem written by Émile Nelligan.

Q: What have you done that you are most proud of?

A: I chose to be happy rather than be right. For some reason, that was never a natural thing for me. I used to always want to win arguments, be the smartest and the most knowledgeable person in a room. I couldn’t stand making mistakes and being wrong about anything. I could never say things like “I’m sorry” or “I don’t know”. Now I’ve gotten comfortable with vulnerability and it’s created a paradigm-shift in my life. I’m proud of it because I think I’m now a better person for myself and for the people around me

Q: What would your Superhero power be?

A: Breathing under water!!! Without hesitation

Q: What piece of advice have you been given that was most rewarding?

A: My mom always says: “Fais confiance à la vie.” It basically means: Have trust in the life you were meant to live. There’s a reason behind every leap of faith! I’m not scared of doing what it takes to be happy anymore

Q: What’s the most important thing you want to take away from your eXXpedition voyage?

A: I hope to meet women that share the same passion for conservation that I have, learn from them and their experiences and hopefully stay in touch. I’d really love to be part of a network of people working for our oceans health and find ways to contribute in significant ways

Q: What’s your favourite marine animal and why?

A: It’s hard to pick one favourite marine animal. I love so many of them for so many different reasons. But I would have to say boxfish. They’re clumsy swimmers and have an aloof way about them that just makes them so lovable!

Q: What’s the one thing that drives you crazy?

A: People who have pessimistic and cynical world views. I just can’t stand that kind of negative energy around me. I like to be surrounded by dreamers and doers!

Thanks Marika, absolutely loved your insights! 
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