eXXpedition North Pacific crew member, designer and artist Nikkey Dawn introduces us to crew member and TV presenter Victoria Fritz…

“If you live in the UK you’re probably familiar with crew member Victoria Fritz brining you the latest news on finance, economics and most recently transport for the BBC. 
Victoria grew up in an idyllic sounding countryside in France. Life was simple, people were connected to the land, they grew their own food and bartered for whatever else they needed. It was a beautiful existence but as Victoria would later find out a somewhat isolated one. At ten years old she moved to England part-time and was exposed to world news. Shocked at the way people were treating the earth and each other, she started to learn as much as she can. 
It’s this quest for understanding and personal drive that makes her such an amazing woman and journalist. Her schooling later took her on to specialise in finance and economics which lead her to working on Wall Street. But Victoria felt called back to her investigative nature and found herself on a new path toward working at the BBC. After throwing herself into journalism and perfecting the craft she became a presenter. 

Victoria has a way of always asking the right questions and listening with her full attention that makes you feel like she is 100 percent invested. She passionately explaining issues in a way that makes you care and she has the ability to see a problem from all angles. She is a creative thinker and can trace a problem to the root in order to come up with solutions. 
Inspired by eXXpedition’s Round Britain voyage she started to wonder if she had something to add to the next trip. She has proved to herself and us all she indeed does. We’ve all been blown away by her ability to communicate and articulate the issues in an accessible manner. I can’t wait to watch her spread the message and tell the story of everything we’ve found here. 
Victoria’s long term goal is to create an online presence with offline in-person workshops that help people lead more sustainable lives. I have no doubt she will impact the lives of thousands and be a force for positive change.”