eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and actress Ellise Chappell gives us an insight into crew member and film producer Sarah Michler:

“Sarah Michler, film producer from New York, currently based in LA, brings such a bright, positive presence on board. So approachable and easy to get along with, I’m feeling lucky to have her as my watch partner – being greeted by Sarah with her infectious energy in the early hours of the morning makes the thought of sitting out in the cold and keeping your stinging eyes open ten times easier.
Being in the entertainment industry myself, it’s been so interesting to hear Sarah talk about the power of film and how it has the ability to inspire social change – how it can make the viewer think about and question the way we live and the world we live in. Seeing an example of her work certainly showcased this notion, and so it’s exciting to think of what she will achieve through film when focusing on the issue of plastic pollution.

Outside of her career as a producer, Sarah is about to go back to University to embark on a part-time course in Environmental Studies, and she seriously impressed us all with a children’s book she wrote, had illustrated and printed all within the space of 3 months. Charming and informative, ‘The Bag’ follows a little boy’s plastic lunch bag as it gets caught in the wind and ends up being swallowed by a big blue whale. This initiative and fearlessness to take an idea and run with it is completely admirable – in this case, seeing the need to try and educate children from a young age on the issue of plastic pollution, and doing something about it.
I think I can speak for us all here on Sea Dragon when I say that Sarah sets an amazing example for anyone looking to raise awareness around this important issue, and I can’t wait to see what she achieves post-voyage!”