Not Your Average Holiday

Life at Sea

When joining us on board for one of our unique voyages, it is important to remember that the environment on board any working sailing vessel can be physically and emotionally challenging. Different voyages bring different challenges – some are long sailing legs, some are wet and cold, some are very hot, some may have rough conditions … These are real adventures and not for the faint-hearted.

We expect all individuals on board to take part in all activities, including hoisting heavy sails, taking an active role in night watches in all weather conditions, and contributing to all other aspects of living life at a 45-degree angle. Individuals on board will be living in very close quarters — this is not luxury living, but we find it comfortable. You will get to know everyone very well.

Please note: due to the nature of sailing a yacht with many moving parts, even guided by our experienced professional crew on board, there is always the capacity for physical or mental injury. When off-shore sailing or sailing in remote coastal locations, access to medical support beyond that of our medical officer on board may be limited.

What Participants Can Expect

from eXXpedition

eXXpedition is a Community Interest Company powered by a small, core team and an amazing network of proactive volunteers. When joining an eXXpedition voyage, you can expect the following from our organisation:

Logistical organisation of your expedition route and provision of an appropriate sailing vessel in partnership with Discovery Expeditions.

Leadership, direction and expert knowledge on plastic pollution and toxics

Relevant, knowledgeable contacts to help with, among other things, the science programme and appropriate events in visited locations (

An opportunity to become part of a movement and established community working towards results that are bigger than we can achieve as individuals.

Use of eXXpedition as a platform to help you fundraise before your voyage and as a platform to amplify your own voice afterwards – this could be through art, in policy, business or anything else!

Advice and support for your ideas

To have child protection, equal opportunity and privacy policies, which can all be viewed on our website at

What exxpedition expects

from participants

eXXpedition voyages are designed around amazing women with a range of experiences and skill sets working together to achieve a higher aim – conducting science, and raising awareness around plastic pollution and toxic chemicals in our oceans. To make the biggest impact, we require all team members to agree to the following expectations:

To be an active member of the team on board the vessel involved, in all duties from sailing to science, cooking to cleaning. Training will be provided where required. You will be split into ‘watch’ teams and there will be a rota for regular onboard tasks, but you are expected to take a proactive approach to ensure all required crew duties are completed. Don’t forget, this isn’t a sunbathing holiday – we are on a mission to create positive change!

To be happy to participate in documenting the voyage – we will have film and audio recording equipment aboard.

To share with eXXpedition content captured or created on board for use in promoting our mission and message.

To share our social media stories through your own networks,

To be prepared to be involved in media outreach, if required, during the voyage.

Contribute a fixed amount towards the cost of the expedition. These voyage fees cover the core costs of running the voyage.

Previous eXXpedition crew members have successfully fundraised for part or all the trip costs. We will be sending you fundraising guidelines, including tips and examples.

Money raised for an eXXpedition trip should be used for your trip costs, travel and equipment expenses. Additional funds raised using the eXXpedition name should be passed to eXXpedition to help us reach more people and spread the message on plastic pollution and toxics in our seas.

Cover the cost of your own flights, and travel expenses to and from the boat.

Ensure you have the appropriate travel insurance, visas and vaccinations for your voyage.

To actively participate in sharing your eXXpedition story post-voyage by giving, at least, three talks or utilising your unique skill set to put on an art exhibition, write articles, run workshops or host a film screening. Be ready to share your plans on board!

To be fit to travel by sea and take part in a sailing voyage, and that your conduct or condition will not impair the safety of the vessel or other persons on board.

To approach everything in the spirit of eXXpedition, which is a collaborative, positive and non-exploitive community supporting each other, on and off the boat.

Stories Aboard the S.V.TravelEdge

Why We All Belong

Belonging is important to us. It goes back to our hunter gatherer ancestors. When you were part of a tribe you were protected and provided for. You also had purpose by helping contribute your skills to the success of your tribe: by being a great hunter, toolmaker, medicine woman, leader.

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