eXXpedition Ambassadors


eXXpedition is a Community Interest Company powered by a small core team, an amazing network of proactive volunteers, partners and ambassadors. Together, we are an engaged and empowered community approaching the issue of plastic and toxic pollution from all angles, and bringing different skills and expertise to turn awareness into action, which is a powerful prospect for creating change! 

Many of the women who have been through our sailing or virtual voyage programme go on to become eXXpedition ambassadors. As an established community, we can work towards results that are bigger than we can achieve as individuals. 

Our diverse ambassador community provides great potential for interdisciplinary collaboration and the opportunity to look at complex challenges from different perspectives.

“eXXpedition really reinvigorated my passion for what I do. Of course, I wanted to continue growing Plaine Products, but more importantly I wanted to stretch myself to do things that wouldn’t directly benefit our business but would help our wider mission – changing consumer habits and protecting our ocean. So I have created more partnerships, done podcasts, done interviews – essentially spoken to anyone who wants to listen. Joining eXXpedition was one of the best decisions I made, such an inspiring mission and community of women!” – Lindsey McCoy, eXXpedition Ambassador and Round the World Leg 5 Crew Member

The SHiFT Community Hub

Fostering Collaboration

The real power of eXXpedition is our global community. The many nationalities, skill sets, sectors and approaches to solving the plastics issue together is our greatest strength since we started our sailing missions in 2014, but with everyone spread around the world it can be a challenge to bring the community together. 

In February 2021, eXXpedition launched the SHiFT Community Hub for ambassadors as a place to connect and collaborate to really drive change back on land. On the Hub, ambassadors have access to live sessions focused around different topics on subjects ranging from bioplastics to utilising social media to create change led by external experts and members of the international community, take part in opportunities that come through the eXXpedition network for giving talks, working with media or collaborating with brands, participate in a citizen science project relating to the impacts of COVID-19 on plastic pollution in partnership with University of Georgia, and have access to a suite of eXXpedition resources.


Creating change worldwide

In all corners of the world, our ambassadors have been using their voice to raise awareness for our mission and empowering people to find their role in solving the plastic pollution crisis.

Visit our Ambassador Impact page to see what they’ve been up to. 

If you are interested in connecting with an ambassador, or have an opportunity you would like to share with our community, please email us on [email protected].