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Whether it’s talks, a panel, a community clean-up or a send off party, at every stop along our voyage our events are designed to bring together passionate individuals who are working towards solving the plastic pollution crisis.

Come join us for one of our events in London or in your part of the world!

SHiFT Session: Microfibres

27 January, 2020

Arboretum London | 18:30-21:00

During the first SHiFT Session of 2020, we will be hosting a panel discussion where we’ll take a closer look at the sources of and solutions to microfibre pollution from sea to source.

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Our London Events

SHiFT Sessions


Leg Six: Panama to Galapagos



  • 21st December 2019
    Leg Five: eXXpedition visits Panama to share stories of science, sailing and solutions, joined by ANCON and our local science collaborator Denise Borrero
    Shelter Bay Marina
  • 7th December 2019
    Leg Four: eXXpedition visits Aruba to share stories of science, sailing and solutions, co-hosted by Impact Blue who will focus on local solutions within Aruba.
    International School of Aruba
  • 4th December 2019
    Leg Four: eXXpedition visits Bonaire to share stories of science, sailing and solutions with the diving community
    Yellow Sub
  • 28th November 2019
    SHiFT Sessions: London Ocean Drinks brings together ocean changemakers across London to connect over opportunities to help solve the environmental issues we face today.
    Arboretum London
  • 24th November 2019
    Leg Two: eXXpedition visits Antigua to share stories of science, sailing and solutions.
    Club House Restaurant at Antigua Yacht Club
  • 27th October 2019
    Leg One: Community Outreach event in partnership with the Azores Government at the local mall to encourage people to take action in their everyday lives to tackle the problem.
    Parque Atlântico
  • 21st October 2019
    Leg One: eXXpedition visits Azores to share stories of science, sailing, solutions at the ExpoLab Science Centre, with opening remarks by renown Portuguese biologist, Professor António Frias Martins.
    ExpoLab Science Centre

Event Blogs


WRITTEN BY SHERI BASTIEN  ON LEG FIVE, FROM ARUBA TO PANAMA Today the crew had an exciting outreach opportunity as we had the privilege of visiting school children in Guna Yala and facilitated activities on plastic pollution, including a play (to overcome language barriers) about the plastic pollution problem and where the issue stems from. […]

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