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The multidisciplinary women who have taken part in our voyages hail from all corners of the world, with a range of different skills to help solve marine plastic pollution.


Impact back on land

Erika Braccini Superpower Story

Meet Erika Braccini, a happy designer working on eco-social development and implementing a life-centred design approach, which focuses on how design can create transformation, especially in relation to the coexistence between humans and other living beings. Since joining the Amazon Voyage in 2015, she experienced a life changing shift and we wanted to find out more!

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Advancing Scientific Research

around plastic pollution

Despite women occupying only 13% of the STEM workforce, the scientists we have had onboard eXXpedition have been working hard to not only advance our understanding of the causes of and solutions to plastic pollution, they are also shaping the industry along the way.

Among them we have had Environmental Scientists, Marine Biologists, Chemists, Anthropologists, Wildlife Biologists, Toxicologists, Microbial Ecologists, Archaeologists, and Data Scientists, just to name a few.

Below are some of the research papers that have been published by eXXpedition Ambassadors before and after their voyages.

Dr. Winnie Courtene-Jones et al 2022 | Synthetic microplastic abundance and composition along a longitudinal gradient traversing the subtropical gyre in the North Atlantic Ocean 
Dr. Winnie Courtene-Jones et al 2021 | Source, Sea and Sink – a holistic approach to understanding plastic pollution in the Southern Caribbean  


Dr. Jenna Jambeck, Atlantic 2014 | Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean, 2015
Dr. Imogen Napper, North Pacific 2018 | Release of synthetic microplastic plastic fibres from domestic washing machines: Effects of fabric type and washing conditions, 2016
Dr. Winnie Courtene-Jones, Round the World, 2019-2022 | Microplastic pollution identified in deep-sea water and ingested by benthic invertebrates in the Rockall Trough, North Atlantic Ocean
Dr. Imogen Napper, North Pacific 2018 | Characterization, Quantity, and Sorptive Properties of Microplastics Extracted From Cosmetics, 2017
Dr. Emily Duncan, North Pacific 2018 | The true depth of the Mediterranean plastic problem: Extreme microplastic pollution on marine turtle nesting beaches in Cyprus, 2018
Dr. Emily Duncan, North Pacific 2018 | Microplastic ingestion ubiquitous in marine turtles, 2018
Dr. Winnie Courtene-Jones, Round the World, 2019-2022 | Consistent microplastic ingestion by deep-sea invertebrates over the last four decades (1976–2015), a study from the North East Atlantic
Dr. Emily Duncan, North Pacific 2019 | The Impact of Plastic Pollution on Marine Turtles, 2019
Dr. Emily Duncan, North Pacific 2018 |Diet-related selectivity of macroplastic ingestion in green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in the eastern Mediterranean, 2019
Dr. Imogen Napper, North Pacific 2018 | Marine Plastic Pollution: Other Than Microplastic, 2019
Dr. Imogen Napper, North Pacific 2018 | Environmental Deterioration of Biodegradable, Oxo-biodegradable, Compostable, and Conventional Plastic Carrier Bags in the Sea, Soil, and Open-Air Over a 3-Year Period, 2019


Spreading their message

around the world

In all corners of the world, our ambassadors have been using their voice to raise awareness for our mission and empowering people to find their role in solving the plastic pollution crisis.

Designer Siri Østvold spoke at the Webdagene Conference in Norway to a filled auditorium of 1000 people. Meanwhile, Nikkey Dawn has hosted intimate workshops around Ocean Plastic Solutions in Whistler, BC. Circular Economy Advisor Kristine Berg leveraged her workplace to make an impact, and has given talks at TOMRA offices in 15 different markets. Erika Bracini took a more hands on approach, taking her eco-friendly furniture on tour to Sustainability Festivals around Germany. Melissa Mayhew engaged the marine industry at the Toronto International Boat Show. Meanwhile marine biologist Emily Duncan spoke to a room filled with over 3,000 scientists at the International Sea Turtle Symposium. 

Every week, our ambassadors are taking action somewhere around the globe.

Ambassador Events

making impact on land

Ambassador Projects

Making Impact Worldwide