Sailing Round the world

Onboard S.V. TravelEdge

S.V. TravelEdge is immensely safe and strong with the highest safety rating possible – MCA Category 0. This means that she is built and equipped to sail anywhere in the world in any conditions. She has sailed round the world. She was specially chosen by the British Army for an expedition to Antarctica in 2001-2, and she has completed many seasons of UK-based sail training in all weathers. Through all this, she has kept crew members safe and secure on board, whatever the conditions at sea.

She is equipped as a scientific expedition boat, as required for eXXpedition voyages, including a custom-built manta trawl, scientific equipment for collection of samples and data, and plenty of collaborative space on and below deck for review of science, crew presentations and workshops.

Her accommodation is laid out with a bunk style set up so don’t expect a cabin cruiser, a lot of our crew prefer this open plan layout instead of being cramped into a small cabin with someone you may not know. There is always a quiet spot to be found just to relax and enjoy the surroundings. She is designed to be sailed hard in any weather all over the world.

Facilities on board

S/V TravelEdge’s saloon is a great social area with plenty of seating large windows and a table big enough for everyone to sit round. This means that the whole team can have briefings together, discuss plans for the voyage, and have meals together. Everyone gets to know each other pretty quickly and you soon become a valued part of the team.

S/V TravelEdge is a ketch, which means that she has two masts, a taller main mast and shorter mizzen mast behind it. With a main sail, a mizzen sail and an assortment of headsails to be hoisted, there is plenty for the crew to do – and not much chance of getting bored!

At the stern (back end of the boat) is the cockpit, with plenty of room for lots of people to sit together – either on look out, listening to briefings, or simply enjoying the sailing. The steering wheel is also in the cockpit – crew members will be involved in all aspects of the voyage.

All around the deck are strong points and jackstays (lines) for people to clip onto with their harness lines so there is no risk of losing anyone overboard. We also have two life rafts, each big enough to hold the entire crew in an emergency; and we have a dinghy which can be rowed by crew members, though there is also an outboard engine if staff need to ferry people ashore.

S/V TravelEdge is run by Discovery Expeditions Limited. S/V TravelEdge was renamed in 2019 prior to the Round the World voyages, in partnership with the largest luxury travel agency in North America, Travel Edge.

S.V. TravelEdge