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Slaughter and May runs education and awareness exhibition

International law firm Slaughter and May has joined eXXpedition as Silver Sponsors for our Round the World mission 2019-2021. The firm held an exhibition at their offices in July 2019, to celebrate the launch of the partnership: As well as providing essential pro bono legal support for Round The World expedition planning, Slaughter and May […]

Crew Profile of Laura Leiva

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and TV researcher Beccy Finlayson introduces us to crew member, marine scientist and developing nations bursary recipient Laura Leiva “Introducing Laura Leiva – marine scientist and all round inspiring lady who is dedicating her time to better understanding our marine environment and forwarding conservation efforts. Laura originally hails from tropical […]

Day 28 Crew Update: Talks and Tows

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and marine scientist Laura Leiva shares our event-filled last few days on board (and on land!) “After a phenomenal talk at an event Patagonia hosted for eXXpedition crewmembers in Victoria, BC we all felt proud of each other and sad because our journey together is almost over. Even though we […]

Crew Profile of Imogen Napper

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and marketing professional Meg Tapp tells us more about Leg 2 lead scientist and microplastic researcher Imogen Napper… “Where can I even begin to describe Imogen Napper? From the second we all gathered at the harbour in Vancouver, she was raring to go, and has been a crucial member of the […]

Day 26 Crew Update: Beach Clean with Tseshaht First Nations

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member, designer and photographer Nikkey Dawn shares the experience of visiting the Broken Islands… “We woke up to find the Sea Dragon once again in the middle of the mist, the Broken Islands surrounding us barely visible. After a quick breakfast Ana shuttled us over to Benson Island in the dingy. […]

Day 23 Crew Update: Plastic – the symptom of a larger cause

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and TV presenter Victoria Fritz explores how this voyage has shaped how she thinks about plastic “We wake to a cling-film sheen on the water and a plan to steer a 130 nautical mile course to a group of remote, uninhabited islands. A few hours in, with a bite in […]

Crew Update: North Pacific Day 1

The eXXpedition North Pacific crew have started their experience with a beach clean alongside Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. eXXpedition Crew Member Michelle Byle tells us more: “The final few days leading up to the voyage have been full of activity, and emotion. Through a collaboration with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, the eXXpedition crew conducted a beach clean-up […]

Plymouth Outreach in the Spotlight: Round Britain Voyage

eXXpedition have run previous expeditions all over the world, but this summer was the first time they had a crew sampling in UK waters. The eXXpedition Round Britain journey took 28 days, and started and finished in Sutton Harbour, Plymouth. By the end of the journey, the crew had travelled 2,035 nautical miles and collected […]

New eXXpedition Round Britain Documentary on Sky

is excited to announce that THIS WEEK Sky is premiering a documentary following the eXXpedition Round Britain journey!   ‘A Plastic Voyage’ will premier on Tuesday 17th October on Sky Atlantic at 9pm and Wednesday 18th October on Sky News at 9pm   The documentary tells the story of our intrepid crew and their sail […]

Round Britain Round Up!

It’s been just over a month since our pioneering Round Britain sail was completed and the team have been busy wrapping up all the post-expedition work. Over the course of 28 days, the eXXpedition Round Britain crew sailed through UK waters and visited Plymouth, Cardiff, Belfast, Arran, Edinburgh and London. The three crews travelled over […]

Meet eXXpedition scientist Jeanette Rotchell

This is part of our on-going series to introduce the fantastic scientists behind the science of eXXpedition Round Britain Let’s meet Jeanette Rotchell! About you Name: Jeanette Rotchell Institution Affiliation: University of Hull Position: Professor of Aquatic Toxicology Web URL: General Research Interest: Environmental toxicology Science and plastics Briefly describe your background: I work in the […]

Meet eXXpedition scientist Oksana Lane

This is part of our on-going series to introduce the fantastic scientists behind the science of eXXpedition Round Britain Let’s meet Oksana Lane! About you Name: Oksana Lane Institution Affiliation: Biodiversity Research Institute Position: Wetlands Program Director Web URL: General Research Interest: Contaminants in wildlife and the environment, and plastics pollution Science and plastics […]

Crew Update: Round Britain Day 17

eXXpedition Round Britain crew member Nicole Gordon and all of Holly’s Watch update us on the start of leg 3 – sailing, seals, science and ‘styrene: “Today was our first day at sea of Leg 3 – and for some of the crew, it was genuinely their first day at sea. For the first time […]

Crew Update: Round Britain Day 16

eXXpedition Round Britain crew member Carol Devine gives us an insight into the eXXpedition Round Britain immersive art experience at ASCUS Lab, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Summerhall: “Today was the last official day of eXXpedition Round Britain – Leg 2 Scotland. After a quick morning pack and cup of tea or coffee, we said goodbye to […]

Crew Update: Round Britain Day 12

eXXpedition Round Britain crew member Dr Jessica van Horssen tells us all about her up-close-and-personal encounter with the Loch Ness Monster: All-Female Contingent Discovers Loch Ness Monster Actually Made of Plastic “The all-female exxpedition collective made their way through the Caledonian Canal on their mission to trawl British waters for plastic contamination, and in the […]

Meet eXXpedition scientist Stephanie Wright

This is part of our on-going series to introduce the fantastic scientists behind the science of eXXpedition Round Britain Let’s meet Stephanie Wright! About you Name: Dr Stephanie Wright Institution Affiliation: King’s College London Position: Early Career Research Fellow Web URL: General Research Interest: The environmental and human health impacts of microplastics. Science and […]

Meet eXXpedition scientist Winnie Courtene-Jones

Behind-the-scenes of eXXpedition, we have an amazing volunteer team. This includes fantastic scientists who help our crews make sense of the data and samples collected on our eXXpedition journeys. Over the next few weeks, we are going to introduce you to some of our eXXpedition scientists – a vital but often hidden part of our […]

Crew Update: Round Britain Day One

Update from Round Britain Crew Member Lynne Braham: “Yesterday we were just 14 women. None of us knew each other. One or two of us had met once or twice and some of us didn’t know anyone at all. We were just 14 diverse women, brought together by a single cause, but individual and unique […]