This is part of our on-going series to introduce the fantastic scientists behind the science of eXXpedition Round Britain

Let’s meet Oksana Lane!

About you

Name: Oksana Lane
Institution Affiliation: Biodiversity Research Institute
Position: Wetlands Program Director
Web URL:
General Research Interest: Contaminants in wildlife and the environment, and plastics pollution

Science and plastics

Briefly describe your background:
Senior staff with BRI for over 20 years. Most of my projects focus on mercury assessments in fish and wildlife, in the USA and abroad.
Why are you interested in plastics (or contaminants) in the marine environment:
Because it poses serious risks to marine life and humans who depend on it.
What advice would you give citizen scientists?
Stay involved!

Quick-fire fun!

Who do you admire the most (dead or alive)? Jane Goodall
What’s the most delightful word you can think of? Pristine
What gives you hope for the future of our marine environment? People like the ladies involved with eXXpedition
What’s your favourite marine creature? There are too many!
If you could put just one thing at the top of your bucket list, what would it be? Take a trip around the world

Thank you Oskana – for answering our questions and for helping us with eXXpedition Round Britain!

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