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Erika Braccini Superpower Story

Meet Erika Braccini, a happy designer working on eco-social development and implementing a life-centred design approach, which focuses on how design can create transformation, especially in relation to the coexistence between humans and other living beings. Since joining the Amazon Voyage in 2015 , she experienced a life changing shift and we wanted to find […]

Pindy Bhullar Superpower Story

Meet Pindy Bhullar, a Senior Programme Manager in the financial services industry. Her work involves problem solving and delivering lasting change. Pindy joined Leg 5 of our Round The World Voyage from Aruba to Panama in 2019 with a motivation to see the human impact for herself and help find innovative solutions. We caught up […]

Lynne Lambourne Superpower Story

Meet Lynne Lambourne – Designer, Sustainability Ambassador and founder of Warriors on Waste. Lynne joined Virtual Voyage Fiji in 2021 and is passionate about connecting people and companies to make being sustainable an easy option. We caught up with her to discover what she’s been up to! Tell us a bit about yourself I’m a Designer […]

Natalie Small Superpower Story

Meet Natalie, an innovative Surf Therapy Provider based in San Diego. The ocean is an inseparable part of her life and has been the driving force behind the waves of change she has created in the realm of mental health. Since joining us in the Caribbean in 2016 she has become internationally recognised for her […]

Carol Devine Superpower Story

Meet Carol, a humanitarian, researcher and writer, who joined Leg 2 of eXXpedition’s Round Britain voyage. Carol works for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) on migration, climate and health issues. During our discussion she recounts her experiences onboard and reflects on the power of storytelling and the importance of it within the medical and humanitarian space. […]

Soraya Abdel-Hadi Superpower Story

Meet Soraya, she is a sustainability professional who is passionate about taking a holistic approach to improving our planet. As well as previously working as our Operations Manager at eXXpedition, Soraya also joined the crew onboard leg 2 of the North Pacific voyage in 2018. Her focus is on sustainability and how there is more […]

Claire McCluskey Superpower Story

Meet Claire, a Contemporary Artist who joined Leg 7 of our Round the World voyage. In our conversation with Claire, she reflects on bringing awareness to the plastic crisis through her art, and the impact it can have within the teaching curriculum. Picture credit: Bill Daly To begin with, can you tell us a bit […]

Geraldine Le Roux Superpower Story

Meet Geraldine, anthropologist, exhibition curator, and now author! Geraldine joined us for Leg 8 of our Round the World mission. We have been catching up about the impact she has been making since returning ashore, most notably through the publications of two  award-winning books!  Geraldine. Photo Credits: Anne Bettina Brunet Can you tell me a […]

Nikkey Dawn Superpower Story

Meet Nikkey Dawn, storyteller, photographer, and marine debris expert! We caught up with Nikkey about the action she has been taking since her North Pacific Leg 2 Voyage. Whether it be educating water-sports community groups about plastic pollution, or inspiring people through her writing, ocean-lover Nikkey has been busy using her storytelling superpower to inspire […]

North Pacific Leg 2: Solutions Workshop

eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and PhD Candidate Bimadoshka Pucan shares the experience of taking part in a solutions workshop with the rest of the leg 2 crew: Aboard Sea Dragon, scientists, social innovators, and public figures brainstorm to create sustainable solutions to the plastic pandemic facing our oceans. Mission Leader Emily Penn led the group through […]