Following our Virtual Voyages in the South Pacific, we ran a series of immersive learning experiences connected to South Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and the Arctic. Taking part were 35 women from 15 nationalities who came together bringing their own unique superpower and area of expertise “on board”. 

The crew also took part in a waste management survey in their local area, as part of an ongoing research project in partnership with the University of Georgia. Recording their litter on the Marine Debris Tracker App, our virtual voyage crew picked up over 4,552 pieces of plastic debris across twelve different countries.

In Watch 5 of each voyage the crew were joined by local stakeholders, including representatives from NGOs, community leaders and government departments for a “Dialogue” session to discuss how the plastics issue is affecting the island nations, and solutions from sea to source. 

Joining the conversation were representatives from Action for Responsible Management For Our Rivers, Cetric Foundation, Commonwealth Blue Charter, Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Elkhorn Marine Conservancy, EntrepreneurshipOne, Impact Blue Foundation, Ocean Planet Media, Plastics South Africa and TriCiclos

Completing an eXXpedition Virtual Voyage is just the beginning for this crew who have gone on to join our community of Ambassadors creating change. 


eXXpedition Virtual Voyage South Africa – Crew

  • Peggy UK is a humanitarian aid worker who is going to reduce her own waste while bringing the topic of plastic pollution into a changing career path.
  • Isabelle SWITZERLAND is a student and conservationist, who is going to share the beauty of the corals and how important they are for the health of our oceans, as well as running a low-waste workshop.
  • Brittany US is a care coordinator who is going to educate others about plastic waste, while also going into the field and doing the hands-on work.
  • Kay UK is a personal development coach and writer who is going to write articles and run a workshop on body burden at menopause.
  • Helen UK is an educator, who is developing learning experiences to use with children at school or home (and eventually adults).
  • Adèle FRANCE/ NEW ZEALAND is a marine biologist and fisheries scientist, who is going to start a platform to enable and encourage philosophical problem solving of environmental issues. 
  • Lula ARGENTINA is an architect and environmental artist who is going to create a new art series based on the Virtual Voyage and work to analyse plastic samples with local scientists.
  • Claudia GERMANY is a physician and diver who is going to give talks and use her creative skills to raise awareness in her local diving community and start a project in her local gymnasium.
  • Laura US is an influencer who is going to focus her outreach on reducing waste, storytelling and education.


eXXpedition Virtual Voyage Brazil – Crew

  • Catherine UK is a mental-health professional and entrepreneur who is going to use her communication skills to write a hard-hitting blog on the context of toxicity, health and dementia.
  • Jaqueline BRAZIL is a communicator who is committed to continue learning and developing new ways to communicate the challenges faced in Portugeuese. 
  • Jodi AUSTRALIA is a citizen science trainer and marine researcher who is committed to making bioplastic composting a reality in her local community.
  • Helen UK is an environment lead in industry, who is committed to ensuring the offshore renewable energy industry continues to grow and deliver net zero without adding to the plastics burden.
  • Olivia-Grace UK is a photographer who is going to explore developing her work to create change, while also working to stop plastic use at Edinburgh University bars and restaurants.
  • Raqueline BRAZIL is a scientist who is going to learn more about the social and economic impacts of plastic pollution to engage the service providers in her city in making changes.
  • Alessandra BRAZIL is a journalist who is going to document and share local projects engaged in tackling plastic waste in her city.


eXXpedition Virtual Voyage Caribbean – Crew

  • Sandra UK is a local politician who is going to work on making her local town plastic free.
  • Katie UK is a graphic designer and photographer, who is going to build a multimedia online resource to educate the public on microplastics and how they can help.
  • Susan US is a museum educator who is going to create a radio show/ podcast to highlight people across different industries who are finding ways to address plastic pollution.
  • Chevelle TRINIDAD is a research student and photographer who is going to create 3D models to enhance educational approaches to communicating marine and freshwater pollution.
  • Lucy CANADA is an entrepreneur who is going to use her knowledge to help hundreds of businesses across North America to do their part in reducing plastic pollution.
  • Victoria US is a storyteller and strategist, who is going to implement more work locally including running a ‘Brown Bag’ session at work.
  • Deborah VENEZUELA/CANADA is a marine scientist and manager, who is committed to spreading the word about the global, regional and local problem of ocean plastic, and also exploring the impact of toxic body burden on pregnancy.


eXXpedition Virtual Voyage Arctic – Crew

  • Kathy US is a holistic practitioner, who will educate children and adults about the intimate relationship of plastic pollution to human health.
  • Liz US is an accessibility program manager and early-childhood educator, who would like to write and illustrate children’s books to help make messaging, for hard, impactful topics, fun.
  • Sarah CANADA is a sailor and scientist, who is going to organize Newfoundland and Labrador’s first provincial Brand Audit, collecting data to support the introduction of EPR legislation in the province.
  • Alizee BELGIUM is a scientist, who is going to use her knowledge to connect big problems to local solutions: education, beach cleans, policy letters (eg.stop plastic bags).
  • Morgan US is a pollution prevention specialist who is going to write a novel that helps people understand environmental problems and solutions, while also being entertaining.
  • Noelia CHILE is a travel and tourism manager, who is drawing up a business model for recycling plastic and microplastic to help small businesses to develop their sustainable ideas.
  • Lauren UK is a student who is going to grow the Durham Scoop (zero waste) community by structuring an action plan for boosting communication with key stakeholders.
  • Amy UK is an engineer who is going to engage with the other women working in the recycling industry and circular economy space to see how we can support each other. 

We can’t wait to see them take action!