eXXpedition crew member Siri Østvold introduces us to teacher and yogi Karine Therrien:

“Some people just have that drive and dedication that is contagious. Karine is one of those women. She is a devoted mother of four children. Together with her man they take them sailing and learning and enjoying nature. Also with her background in agiculture, it is apparent that she is a source of ispiration and knowledge for her kids. As Karine after a week at sea is sailing into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with the rest of the female crew on Sea Dragon, her kids decided to organize a beach clean up, all by themselves. As they where at the camping site with six other families, the twelve kids got into clean up action. Imagine if every kid can have somebody like that to look up to. That would make a difference in the world. 
Seems like Karine is searching for a balance in her life. While at sea, with the challenges of balancing just the daily neccesary routines of drinking, eating, sleeping and the occational visit to the heads all the way in the front of the boat, up wind and wind and Pacific swell… Well…balancing has got an additional meaning. When the floor underneath you is tilted 30 degrees and moving in the organic rythm of the waves, you just have to let go of the structure and routines you’re used to at land. At home. At work. Motivated to act both on her instincts of motherhood and dedication to family – and on her ambition to learn and experience first hand the challenges we are giving to the next genereation, to be able to give them the best possible tools to tackle the problem – shows an impressive power of balancing act.”
Karine would like to thank the Oakville Yatch Squadron, Paper Fibres inc. and Sail for the support and sponsorship.

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