eXXpedition North Pacific crew member Karine Therrien introduces us to fellow crew member, designer and art director Michelle Byle:

“Every project involves a human connection. The type of journey we are on right now requires a lot of connection with each other. The whole crew is very supportive and inspiring, and there is one exceptional woman that I would like to present.

Let me introduce you to a genuine, devoted and passionate crew member: Michelle. It has been so easy and natural to connect with her since the first day we met.

Michelle is a designer. In her professional life she has developed brands, designed exhibits for museums, and she is currently using her design skills to create smart packaging solutions for the brands Method and Ecover. As a designer, Michelle hopes to push the packaging industry to develop better solutions for single-use plastic packaging.

Michelle was originally inspired to apply to eXXpedition after learning about the design background of eXXpedition co-founder Emily Penn, and how she uses her formal training in architecture to raise awareness and create solutions around the ocean plastic issue.

I am sure you will hear a lot from her post journey. She will use her great skills for storytelling and have our message seen and heard.

I have no doubt that she will be successful to reach consumers and develop new ways of packaging, reducing then the amount of plastic that we are using.

Keep going Michelle!”

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