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Meeting the next generation of changemakers in Antigua

When our Leg 3 Round the World crew members visited Antigua in November 2019, they were excited to have the opportunity to meet the students at Cobbs Cross Primary School. An educated audience Living in an island nation, plastic pollution is a topic that the students are already knowledgeable about. It was great to be […]


Congratulations to our leg three crew, who have just completed eXXpedition Round the World – Leg 3: Exploring Antigua via Green Island.  Photo credit: Sophie Dingwall & eXXpedition The third Leg of our eXXpedition Round the World was a short yet jam-packed voyage exploring the Caribbean Sea around Antigua via Green Island.  The crew didn’t […]

Having fun in the Caribbean Sun

WRITTEN BY LARA HOAD ON LEG THREE EXPLORING ANTIGUA VIA GREEN ISLAND What a jam-packed day the ladies of eXXpedition have had!  After a serious amount of gathering scientific samples with both the Manta Trawl and the Niskin bottle going in for a big dip in the deep blue, we jumped into the dingy and […]

Love Where You Visit

WRITTEN BY LISA & JEANINE ON LEG THREE EXPLORING ANTIGUA VIA GREEN ISLAND As we sail around Antigua we are awed by its beauty. Its blue waters, clear skies and pristine sandy beaches. While driving from the airport to Falmouth Harbour we shared with our taxi driver, Bobby, the purpose of our visit. We were […]

All Hands on Deck (and on Planet)

WRITTEN BY KRISTEN & LEAH ON LEG THREE EXPLORING ANTIGUA VIA GREEN ISLAND To run a tight ship and a successful sailing expedition, every member of the crew commits to a role and works together as a unified team. The skipper is usually at the helm steering the boat and keeping a steady course. A […]

Sediment sampling, supermarket and beach clean

Written by Natascha Glanzer-Fuerst and Louise Tremewan Images from Louise Tremewan ON LEG TWO FROM AZORES TO ANTIGUA WITH COPERNICUS MARINE SERVICE After a breakfast of cereal and coffee (we have several caffeine fiends on board!), we started our day with learning how to carry out sediment sampling from different points along the boat with […]