What a jam-packed day the ladies of eXXpedition have had!  After a serious amount of gathering scientific samples with both the Manta Trawl and the Niskin bottle going in for a big dip in the deep blue, we jumped into the dingy and went over to survey and clean up one of the beaches of Green Island, a small piece of land off of Antigua’s Atlantic Coast.

eXXpeditionPhoto credit: Lara Hoad & eXXpedition

To the naked eye the empty stretch of white sand with warm turquoise water lapping at its shore appeared to be the quintessential pristine Caribbean beach, but surprise surprise, on closer inspection was found to be home to a whopping full six bags of plastic trash, mostly comprising of washed-up fishing line and plastic containers.

Photo credits: Lara Hoad, Sally Earthrowl & eXXpedition

Licking our plastic pollution wounds we all went for a healing swim amongst the coral and it’s resident fish before heading back to the boat for sundown.

On our return we discovered that our Skipper Anna had been busy whipping up the meal of the century!  It was a feast fit for Queens, and yes the aftermath of the galley showed it. (Thanks Anna ;)) Its ok though as the Caribbean tunes went on and the galley soon turned into a makeshift dance floor with pots and pans washed, used as makeshift musical instruments and back in their place in no time.

What a day!  Time sure does fly when you are having fun in the Caribbean sun!

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