Our eXXpedition North Pacific crew have been getting to know each other. Today, Deputy Mission Leader Sally Earthrowl introduces us to Siri Østvold:

“It has been a real privilege to hear the life stories of all of the crew members onboard Sea Dragon, and a real treat to have listened to these on deck with a background of a setting sun. One of the most stunning sunsets was during Siri’s talk and it was a fitting scene for her story. Siri grew up in Hønefoss, Norway and had spent many summers at sea sailing the southern coastline of Norway and Sweden (it’s no wonder she is such a talented helms woman!)
So how did Siri end up in the middle of the Pacific? Inspired by Thor Heyerdhal and his mission across the South Pacific with a group of men, Siri found the aims of eXXpedition not only spoke to her love of the ocean and our planet, but also the fact that it aligned with Heyerdhals voyage, though this time on the North Pacific with a group of adventurous women!
Siri shared many touching photographs of her family and spoke admirably of her parents and sister, Line. Siri’s sister was the best at Boardercross and won gold at the World Championships. She is sadly no longer with us. Line is a real hero for Siri. As Siri was talking, the aspect of her relationship with her sister that sung out was their unwavering support and admiration of each other, coupled with their joint love of the sea, mountains and the great outdoors. In a card to Siri, Line wrote “you have now plowed your own bit of land, and it’s truly beautiful”, and this is so true of the path Siri has taken.
Siri has worked as a designer and art director for Norrøna and Whiteout, working on branding, catalogues and campaigns. She shared some of her work to date and I was really impressed with the images and creativity. Siri also ran her own design studio for 6 years called Sletten & Østvold working predominantly on company branding and identity. Siri now works for Netlife using her skills and experience in generating identity and branding. An impressive portfolio.
Siri’s love of the planet and our seas was evident and her passion to raise awareness of the issue of plastic pollution and to look at solutions within the industry she works was admirable. As the most beautiful sunset across the sky it was as if Siri’s sister was casting her blessing on Siri and I have to agree with her, Siri really has carved out her own life, and it really is beautiful.”

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