Our eXXpedition North Pacific crew is made up of some extraordinary women from a range of skillsets. Today, scientist and crew member Emily Duncan introduces our Deputy Mission Leader Sally Earthrowl:

“Every evening we have been lucky enough to hear from each of our crew members on how there path has led them to be on eXXpedition. Last night, we heard from our deputy mission leader Sally. She is a passionate Geography teacher who has has been making waves internationally for over a decade. A bubbly and friendly face onboard! 
She introduced us to her family and how they have shaped her life. In addition to her love of the outdoors including mountain trekking and more recently volcano climbing in Bali (where she has been living over the last few years). Sally shared many beautiful photos of her life in Bali but also introduced us to the other side of living on the island… Bali is suffering from a great amount of plastic pollution; both on the beaches and within the coast al waters.
However Sally has used her “superpower” and values as a teacher to begin to tackle this issue on the island. She took us through an incredibly impressive journey of actions that she had catalysed within the school she has been working in; to reduce plastic waste produced within the school and raise awareness amongst the children, staff and wider community. With the support of a keen group of student ‘eco-warriors’ this has led to it becoming a single-use plastic free school, as well as the inspiration for many of the children to become new ocean changer makers, helping to tackle the issue and change mindsets within their community.
It was great to hear about all the hard work Sally has put into making a change to reduce and raise awareness of this issue in Bali. Great work Sally, I’m sure there is much more to come!”

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