Update: Recruitment for this role is now closed. Please keep an eye on our blog and team page for more opportunities.


eXXpedition is scaling its efforts worldwide to enable and inspire a community of change-makers, working with brands to create global change on the plastics issue. We are looking for an Environmental Impact Consultant to help us maximise our positive impact.

Job Title: Environmental Impact Consultant

Salary: £30,000

Location: London, UK

Hours: Full time

The company is on a mission to: 

CHANGE BEHAVIOURS by partnering with brands to help raise awareness for the issue along with developing innovations that close the tap on plastic pollution, helping consumers make more conscious decisions. 

SUPPORT SOLUTIONS SCIENCE by contributing to world class scientific studies that are urgently needed to inform up-stream solutions and close the loop on plastic waste on land. 

CHALLENGE PERCEPTIONS by using our platform to inform and educate so that people can better understand the real problem of micro-plastics and use that to shape actions and solution. 

CREATE A COMMUNITY of change-makers and inspiring global ambassadors to tackle plastic pollution both at sea and back on dry land. During their ocean experience participants discover the power of their individual roles in addressing the issues. Empowered by their first hand experience at sea we provide the tools, confidence and support they need to become effective leaders that can influence meaningful impact through their personal and professional communities.

What this role entails: 

– Lead the strategic development and growth of the eXXpedition platform to help fight plastic pollution alongside brand ambassadors. 

– Distill research findings around the extent of plastic pollution in our oceans and the effects of micro-plastics on our health and environment. 

– Leverage findings to collaborate with key partners on developing future projects, managing those relationships and assisting organisations to implement actions as a result. 

– Provide guidance to companies and partner organisations on how to conduct their activities in a more environmentally friendly way, develop new solutions and establish new policies that promote sustainability. 

– Develop reports and proposals for new partnerships and opinion pieces based on environmental findings. 

– Concept, produce and maintain communications to help educate relevant audiences about both the problem and actionable solutions via website, newsletters, social media, workshops and key events. 

– Measure impact of different impact programs and communications initiatives.

– Commission qualitative and quantitative research, desk-research, and ongoing monitoring of conversations around the plastic pollutions problem, helping identifying new challenges and opportunities to create new community initiatives to tackle the problem.


+ Minimum 7 years of experience in research and strategic partnerships at a sustainable company, market research firm or communications agency that manages sustainable clients. 

+ Must have experience in developing environmental campaigns to help fight plastic pollution across different platforms, changing behaviours at both the individual and corporate level.

+ Must have experience not only developing communications material for clients, but also establishing processes that change the product or company itself based on strategic positioning. Relevant case studies should be submitted alongside application.

+ Must have experience liaising with CEOs and CMOs to establish new long-term partnerships.

+ Must have experience working with brand ambassadors and partnerships to resonate with different target customer groups.

+ Must have international experience, understanding local market nuances and adapting communications approach accordingly.

+ Must have experience editing content and designing presentations. Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite software (InDesign, Photoshop and Premiere) is preferred. 

+ Fluency in English is required. Proficiency in Spanish or other languages is desirable. The eXXpedition voyages span the globe, and building relationships with local media and businesses is key. 

Application Process:

Please send your resume, cover letter, and a case study of environmental transformation for a company detailing your contributions and impact.

Job Posting Date: 20th March 2019
Closing Date for Applications: 20th April 2019