Leveraging Multi-Target Strategies To Address Plastic Pollution In The Context Of An Already Stressed Ocean

Leading experts discuss leveraging multi-target strategies to address plastic pollution in the context of an already stressed Ocean.


20 Years of Government Responses to the Global Plastic Pollution Problem

Duke University researchers analysed public policies from governments around the world to see how they are trying to slow the flow of plastics in a report funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, “20 Years of Government Responses to the Global Plastic Pollution Problem.” In each webinar, co-lead investigator John Virdin, director of the Nicholas Institute’s Ocean and Coastal Policy Program, will present an overview of the report’s findings. Winnie Lau, senior officer of The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Preventing Ocean Plastics Project, will moderate a panel of experts and a Q&A session with attendees.


Single-use Plastics: The Business Leadership Inspiration Sessions (16 January 2020)

The Business Leadership Inspiration Sessions: an afternoon of three live, interactive webinar presentations and discussions – all dedicated to helping businesses collaborate, innovate and actuate to eliminate single-use plastics, is available to watch on-demand.