North Atlantic Gyre: Part One

Leg 22

Bermuda is a perfect location for us to explore the issue of plastic pollution and marine debris. An island on the west of the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda receives the full force of the waves and currents. Therefore we expect to find a fair amount of marine debris along its eastern shore, particularly with its proximity to the North Atlantic Gyre, one of the five ocean gyres. We will then set sail towards the North Atlantic Gyre, otherwise known as the Sargasso Sea, an area of ocean which is famed for its deep blue colour and clarity, as well as Sargassum seaweed and the plastic that has accumulated in this area due to the surface ocean currents. 

Whilst at sea we will be able to carry out our scientific research, trawling the surface for microplastics and even analysing some of these samples on board.  We will be able to work together to discuss our findings and suitable solutions to this global issue, before returning to Bermuda to share our stories and research with the local community.


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Leg Itinerary

  • Day 1: Leg 22 guest crew arrive.
  • EVENT: Waste survey and clean-up.
  • Day 2: Planned departure sailing around Bermuda.
  • Sailing, science, talks and adventures at sea!
  • Day 5: Planned arrival in Bermuda
  • EVENT: Outreach Talk - Stories of science, sailing and solutions!
  • Day 6: Leg 22 guest crew depart.