We’re excited to announce that our ambassador Géraldine Le Roux, who sailed on Leg 8 of Round the World, has published a book called Sea-Sisters about her experience sailing between Easter Island and Tahiti in 2020. 

The leg was an incredible voyage through the South Pacific made even more remarkable by the experiences of the crew in dealing with the rapid impact of COVID-19 global border closures following the declaration of the pandemic while they were at sea.

Sea-Sisters tells the story of a group of women from different generations, nationalities and experiences, who embarked on eXXpedition Round the World and sailed with S.V. TravelEdge to understand the causes of and solutions to ocean plastic pollution.

The book is written in French and is available from book sellers online and in store from June 17th 2021 – ask in your local book shop or order a copy here.


Geraldine onboard SV TravelEdge in 2020


About Géraldine

Géraldine Le Roux is a senior lecturer at Université de Bretagne Occidentale in Brest, France. She is one of the four curators of the exhibition Australie-Le Havre, l’intimité d’un lien (1801-2021) presented in Le Havre from June to November 2021. Géraldine joined eXXpedition as a guest crewmember for the 8th Leg of Round The World, sailing from Easter island (Rapa Nui) to Tahiti.