We are delighted to welcome a new 1% For The Planet donor, NONA!


If you’ve had a browse of our SHiFT platform, you’ll know that there are hundreds of solutions to the plastics problem…and clothespin brand NONA has come up with a brilliant new way to keep plastic from the ocean! Every day you make choices. Small choices that support your values. Small choices that build a life you want to live. Small choices that define you. The choices you make every day, no matter how small, become the foundation of your world.



NONA’s mission is to reduce ocean plastic by producing well designed, durable everyday products. The ocean plastic they use is sourced as a result of an interception program in place across various ports that reimburses fishermen for worn-out fishing gear. By choosing to use NONA clothespins you help to support the circular economies dedicated to intercepting plastic, before it enters the ocean. Made to high environmental and ethical standards in the UK from discarded fishing nets, the NONA Recycled Ocean Plastic Clothespin supports fishing communities and marine ecosystems. NONA’s ultra-durable, recycled ocean plastic clothespins are not only preventatively eco-friendly and socially responsible, but it’s sturdy, mono-form shape is practically unbreakable meaning it will do what all good products should do. Last.


Like other forward thinking companies we love, NONA have thought about more than just the impact of their product and use 100% Plastic-free packaging, made from FSC sourced cardboard with a 30% recycled content. We’re grateful to NONA for choosing to support our mission donating a percentage of their sales to eXXpedition. Welcome onboard NONA!


Check out NONA’s clothes pins here and follow their social channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.