20’ 44,13 N
46’ 47,16 W

Today all 14 of us succeeded in the International Buy Nothing Day mission by not buying anything! Easy!

Another day in Sea-She Dragon has passed.


Sustainable canned provisions from Fish Forever

Even with no more fresh fruit on board (eek!) we are still enjoying this amazing bold adventure all together in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Today we spotted a whale on our horizon – was that fin a shark or what? – but then we saw the unmistakable blow as she came up to breathe which clearly defined her identity.

Sadly she passed us in a few minutes without stopping for a chat.

We are still enjoying the amazing crew members’ talks, and yesterday evening we heard from the Norwegian environmental activist Malin.

Malin started her environmental activist career at the early age of 14 and then by 18 she was named Norway’s Environmental Hero after succeeding in her work to stop Hydro’s oil drilling off the southern coast of Norway.

Even at her young age, her work has consisted of intense involvement at the intersection of environmental activism and political participation. Questions of where our energies are best directed arise directly from this. Her talk has kicked off an active discussion on board about how individual actions can move and inspire bigger decisions even at higher political levels.

Malin has a unique way of combining laughter, crazy ideas (rollerblading across the Lofoten Islands anyone?) and a driven, serious determination, all with a dash of punk rock. All great ways to change the world.

A wind of active positivism has blown directly on our sails last night.

Listening to Malin’s story has brought an inspirational mood on board, fuelling thoughts and ideas about our eXXpedition mission to make the unseen seen.