10th March 2016

Our journey to Antigua began at midnight, and all hands were on deck to bring the main sail up ready to set off. Wind strong and gusting we edged out of Dominica as the first watch team took to the helm. Sleep was near impossible for the rest of the watch teams with our nautical home at what seemed like a 90 degree vertical angle, a very different crossing compared to the calm seas we were lucky enough to have for our previous journey. As we passed the tall island of Guadeloupe our wind eased but still continued to spray a refreshing blast of salty water every so often, but seawater was not all we caught on deck.

During our 3am watch,we were sneakily joined by two flying fish that had sadly come to their end on Sea Dragon. Winds picked up again after clearing the island. These rougher seas brought on a few green faces as the rocking and rolling made life on the boat challenging. However, moods began to lift as we broke into dawn and Antigua was in our sights. Encrusted with sea salt and exhausted from the boat roller coaster the day drew to an end, the smells of our dinner wafted up through the hatches made us keen to anchor, although after much deliberation our ideal anchor space was stolen from right under our bow by another yacht, which raced ahead of us.

After scouting another spot we finally anchored and everyone came together below deck for a wonderfully prepared Italian meal made with our kindly donated fresh herbs and greens from yesterdays adventures on Dominica. An early night was welcomed and everyone looked forward to a full night of undisturbed sleep.

By Tilly


Beautiful Antigua