Another day raining! Normally that’s a negative thing, but not @Sea Dragon. That’s because it’s raining compliments!!
‘Great job ladies’
‘Thanks a lot’
‘You’re awesome’
‘Such a great crew we have’
‘Like your shirt, shorts, skirt, hat’
‘It was such a long time ago that I saw your pretty face’

Everyone needs compliments in their life! Why don’t we give them more often? Instead of thinking about what’s not good about a person! For me this trip was definitely full of compliments!

Last minute I arranged that I could jump on board, now I know why, now I’ll go home with this amazing feeling of happiness!

A feeling of being me, just like I am! Jumping into life, not knowing where I’m going to end up. And coming back home with these amazing experiences and stories of beautiful people I’ve met.

Feels like I’m on top of the world! And never will fall down again! Like I wanna shout that I’m really alive and that it can be like a dream!!

At the end of the week we all wrote nice things about each other that we put in a holy yellow envelop that we got to read at home.

It was full with all the things that people thought was amazing about you!

I felt that I was growing, when I was reading the letters yesterday! WOW!! Is that how they see me? And then I thought, yes that’s what I am!! Instead of what I am not. I was often told what I was not, and it made me feel like I was crazy! Well I am a little bit crazy, that’s for sure 😉 But in the positive way! And further on, I’m just me!

More and more I meet people who understand me and are living like I live or feeling how I feel. Suddenly I’m not crazy anymore! Just following my life the way I want to! And you know what?!! That feels awesome!!!!!!!

I like to go back to the basics of life, to nature, to where we came from, to know what’s really important in life!

That’s not a big house, a big car, a ‘normal’ job, expensive clothes…… for me it’s feeling that I’m living, hearing stories, meeting new people, exploring the world, the ocean, feeling the wind, having people around me that give each other compliments!

Giving compliments is free and the most beautiful gift you can get!!!

So I think it’s a compliment to me that you read this blog! I think you can solve a lot of problems when you start with a compliment.

You’re the best for reading this blog!
Thank you for that, you’re awesome!
By Caroline, crew on Caribbean 1.