A perspective on International Women’s Day from our Russian Filmaker Alonya

Celebration of Women’s Day at home (in Russia) today have nothing in common with political issue of it’s historical beginning when Socialist Party of America incited a strike of women in New York on February 28 1909, whose basic demands were decreasing the length of the working day, raising their salary in comparison with men and legalization of their right to vote. Nowadays this day in my country is a mixture of start of spring, Mother’s Day and St’ Valentines when men take care to bring flowers (which cost it twice price this day) or candy to their ladies … In Russia We are not talking of equality on this Day, we know that we are still in minority in policy and in management of big companies but we fight against discrimination every day but not on March 8, when we get to be weak and gifted.

But this year for me there was the most unusual and real International Women’s Day in my life… on Sea Dragon yacht with amazing crew of women from all over the world gathered to make the unseen seen, to talk about cleaning of the ocean and our own possibilities to realize it. And I’m happy to be able to film that to bring the idea to the world through my documentary.

At very midnight Captain Shanley started her strict and witty orders what newcome sailors should do to start our first long trip from St. Lucia to Dominica. They’re supposed to be the long-long night where all of us had to feel themselves real sailors being on watch every 3 hours. No excuses to artist or filmmakers. If we’ll be good Shanley says «Awesome!» or «Cool beans! Thanks ladies».

The real day for me started with beautiful sunrise on watch and my experience says that interviews taken just after sunrise always come out amazing. Thank you, Jen, as a filmmaker you will understand.

And you were lucky because during the day I filmed Emily and Alice in the open sun but, believe me, now I’m suffering of sunburn much more than others.

Just sailing without engine you truly can feel a breathing and strength of the sea… despite the sea sickness, disability to practice yoga, eat anything you want and necessity to be roped to the boat. And I’m in love with it already!

Though I’m a not great helper this time. We were pretty lucky not to lay on one side of the boat, not to be too sick and saw an island on horizon on time. Dominica met us with dozens of lovely Dolphins who greeted Sea Dragon but disappeared as quick as they appeared. As closer to the shore we were than more often we could see the witness of «civilization» –plastic bags, containers, bottles and even a whole wooden door. During our usual research tracking we caught a lot of sargassum and one plastic glass. I wonder if there were times with nothing in Sea Dragon’s net? Editor Note – WE ALWAYS FIND PLASTIC!

The end of the women’s day we throw an anchor at the nothern end of Dominica and were met with local boats of competitive Lawrence of Arabia and Alexis who surrounded Sea Dragon, as bees to a flower, when they found out that there were just girls on board.

Welcome to Dominica, ladies! We are always smiling here!

By Alonya, our Russian Filmaker.

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