On Tuesday 5th October 2021, we gathered on the River Thames in London for an evening reception to wrap up the voyages part of our Round the World project and celebrate everything that has been achieved over the last three years! In the same week that we would have been sailing back into London after two years at sea, it was incredible to come together and reflect on some of the special moments shared between the amazing eXXpedition community and the impact that has been made, both on land and at sea. 

In 2019, we launched a project that would have seen us sail around the world looking at the impact of plastics and toxics. Eight voyage legs were completed at sea and our crew collected 280 scientific samples. Sadly, the remaining sailing legs of eXXpedition Round the World were cancelled due to COVID-19. But it didn’t stop there. Between January and June 2021, the eXXpedition Virtual Voyage programme delivered a transformative experience on land and online. In total, 156 women of 38 nationalities joined our community through taking part in at sea or virtual voyages, and we received over 1,000 media articles spreading the word of plastics, toxics and the solutions we need to adopt to change the impact on our planet.

We are so grateful to the guest crew, team, partners and sponsors who were able to join us in person on the night, and everyone who tuned in for the live stream

Visit the Round the World Impact page to download our impact report and find out more.

Photos by Sophie Dingwall