eXXpedition Round Britain crew member Vanessa Stephenson explains why day six was her “perfect day” on Sea Dragon:

Day 5

“Ended Day 5 on a high. I took the helm on night watch and steered our multi-million dollar yacht on a course guided by stars and lights in the distance. To add to this there were numerous shooting stars blazing through the night sky – awesome! And yeah no sea sickness – found my sea legs!”

Day 6

“Started the day with a very civilised 08:00-12:00 watch. The sky was clear and the sea calm with a light to moderate wind.
The previous watch had seen dolphins and we weren’t to be disappointed. After recording gannets and razorbills in our ships log I heard a shout ‘sun fish.’ We were seeing more and more life. There were many more gannets flying beak to tail in long ‘strings’ skimming the surface of the sea. Dolphins slowly began to appear, and then they just kept coming until we were surrounded by over 50 of them. Gail who was at the bow lying face down towards the water, got some great film of them – swimming effortlessly with us (ED NOTE– Footage to follow!). Playing in the current and almost teasing us with their presence. Beautiful creatures and so intelligent.
Can’t fail to mention the little seal who kept popping his head out of the sea also to observe us on our journey.
I am beginning to understand the ‘sailing bug.’ Being out here in the blue, miles from shore, experiencing the strength of the sea and seeing wildlife up close is really something. It is so important we look after this. The ocean enriches our lives in so many ways.
From a science perspective, we also managed to use both methods of sample collection – the continuous plankton recorder and the manta trawl. I was happy to helm while the manta trawl was deployed in the calm sea under a blue sky. My contribution to the research.
It was truly a perfect day.”
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