eXXpedition Round Britain crew member Gail Tudor updates us on her visit to Cardiff and how plastic is having a far more prominent role than expected this early in the sail:

“Our two days in Cardiff were amazing. Lots of boat tours with families who were really interested in the mission and determined to help in the fight against plastic. We met with politicians who were really supportive. For me it was lovely to meet with my newly elected MP Ben Lake who represents Ceredigion and my local Ceredigion county councillor Gethin Davies who pledged to help make Ceredigion as plastic free as possible and with AM Simon Thomas who is fighting to get legislation passed in Wales to reduce plastic use.
After a solutions workshop and a storytelling workshop we had a more relaxing evening with many of the crew telling some personal stories of the voyage so far as well as hearing some local folktales from resident storytellers.
This morning we were due to leave Cardiff and despite having to wait while a problem with the lock gates was sorted out, we motored out of Cardiff Bay only shortly after our planned time.
But the curse of plastic in the ocean tried to cut our journey short. Has the ocean plastic become sentient and hatched a master plan to stop our anti-plastic crusade? It seemed that way, as just outside the barrage our engine alarm went and we were forced to drop anchor to sort out the problem. After a bit of investigation by First Mate Holly and Skipper Diane, the culprit turned out to be a piece of plastic that had been sucked up from the sea and got stuck on our engine water intake causing a blockage and overheating. But eXXpedition Round Britain will not be stopped – this mission is too important for the health of the oceans and ourselves. We will make it to Belfast. Waste ocean plastic won’t beat us!
Blog update!: We have been saved by an eel! It appears that an eel got in ahead of the plastic and blocked the passage of the plastic with his body. If the plastic had got through to the engine it would have done a lot of damage.”
The Round Britain Crew will be sending us daily updates from Sea Dragon, which will be posted here on the eXXpedition website. You will also be able to see updates from the crew and ground team throughout Round Britain on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
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