Stephanie is an Environmental Scientist and sustainability advocate from California. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy, and a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management. She focuses on protecting habitat and native species in California through science and outreach, and was first drawn to the plastic pollution issue many years ago after witnessing the amount of plastic contaminating the environment and realizing the detrimental impact to fish and wildlife. Stephanie believes strongly in the importance of environmental education and outreach, and much of her job is focused on engaging with and educating members of the public and communicating science. She serves as a Global Youth Mentor with Plastic Tides, where she assists youth leaders in planning and implementing projects to reduce plastic waste in their communities and raise awareness about the plastic pollution crisis. Stephanie also serves on the Board of Directors for a local nonprofit, Tree Davis. Stephanie is looking forward to using her experience and skills to bring attention to and advocate for solutions for the plastic pollution crisis, and to work for a better future.