Daniela always loved to be outside. Brazilian environmentalist and adventurer, the passion about ecology and nature, made her become a biologist and specialist in waste management and circular economy. In LatAm, where the social aspects of informal waste systems prevail, came the opportunity to experience the challenging role of street waste pickers. TEDx SP speaker, Dani was crew member for Pangea Expedition, which sailed across the Pacific Garbage Patch in 2012 in search of Japanese Tsunami Debris. In over 15 years experience with sustainability in the private sector, she collaborated to structure the Network for Plastic Cooperation, connecting the whole value chain for discussions on how to keep plastics in the economy and out of the environment. Partner with TriCiclos (a B Corporation working to eliminate the concept of waste) she participated of the EMF’s New Plastics Economy and was invited as expert panellist for the recently launched “Breaking the Plastic Wave” Report, recognising the importance of dialogue, diversity and to be science-based. Committed to collective and immediate action to halt and reverse the current climate trajectory and to build an an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet she has an active role on the LatAm B Corp Community and as Brazil and Nature Based Solutions’ lead at the Climate Champions Team for COP26, focused on raising ambition and action with NSA towards a more resilient carbon neutral future, before 2050. Living on an Island in the Northern coast of São Paulo with her family, days are now full of exciting conversations overseas, a lot of hard work, rowing adventures, beach and mangrove clean ups, trekking to waterfalls and ocasional turtle rescues with the kids. Probably the worst crew member regarding social network skills?… but very excited to make herself available to Portuguese and Spanish speakers that want to join our journey all over the world.