Pippa is the founder of philo & co, a Sustainable Brand & Packaging Consultancy based in Sydney. She holds a BSc in Product Design and has more than 9 years experience within the creative industry. Pip is driven by the power of design to help re-define ‘business as usual’ and create a more resource efficient economy.

“I believe the answer lies within a Circular Economy and closed loop design, we simply cannot continue consuming at our current trajectory. We have seen for too long the grave consequences it is having on the natural world our existence depends upon.”

Pip plays an active role within her community to help educate and inspire change, she is a mentor to openIDEO and an advisor to Plastic Free Bondi.

“I’m really looking forward to working with my fellow crew on board the eXXpedition vessel and better understanding how we can utilise our scientific findings to fuel innovation in up stream solutions.”