Only 2 days ago our group of engaged woman met for the first time at the Rodney Bay harbor in St. Lucia to become part of an eager endeavour to study the impact of plastics on our oceans and our bodies, each of us with their personal motivation and background.
It seems almost impossible that it took us only one day of briefings and trainings to actually get started as a crew on real marine science, sailing and even talking to local students about the issue of plastic waste in our oceans and the necessity to protect the marine environment. At the end of this long but exciting day we can be very proud of us to have sailed along the coast of St. Lucia and to have successfully collected the first plastic samples with a manta trawl. The most rewarding experience for me though was the visit of a group of young and very enthusiastic students, who came out on a Sunday afternoon to learn about the story of eXXpedition. Creating awareness about environmental issues and trying to change our society especially in terms of our unresponsible consumption behavior is a great challenge and we can only be successful in saving our planet if we all pull together on a local and global scale. It is great to see how we can use and combine the diversity of skills each of us is contributing to the mission of eXXpedition and to actually see the direct impact we can have. Every single person that takes the message home will eventually be a multiplier and support a consciousness in the civil society about the importance of the health of our oceans. That is how we can change the world!
By Svenja