Cape Town to João Pessoa

Leg 18


Leaving Cape Town and the backdrop of Table Mountain will provide an excellent launch for Phase 4 of eXXpedition Round the World. Just off the coast of South Africa we will have the opportunity to capture some great scientific data due to the interesting currents and downwellings in the region. We will then venture westwards towards the South Atlantic Gyre, a plastic accumulation zone. Science at sea will be a key focus of this voyage and our planned passage will take us through the main area of marine debris allowing us to carry out key scientific research into the gyre’s characteristics and location.

After three and a half weeks at sea, we will arrive into Joao Pessoa and take shelter in behind the sand spit of Cabedelo on the estuary of the Douro River. This area of coastline is famous for its amazing beaches and welcoming community.


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Leg Itinerary

  • Day 1: Leg 18 guest crew arrive.
    Cape Town, South Africa
  • EVENT: Waste survey and clean-up.
    Cape Town, South Africa
  • Day 2: Planned departure towards Cabedelo, Brazil.
    Cape Town, South Africa
  • Sailing, science, talks and adventures at sea!
  • Day 31: Planned arrival into Cabdeleo, Brazil.
    Cabedelo (near Recife), Brazil
  • Day 33: EVENT: Outreach Talk - Stories of science, sailing and solutions!
    Cabedelo (near Recife), Brazil
  • Day 32: Leg 18 guest crew depart.
    Cabedelo (near Recife), Brazil