A topic that was discussed a lot, on shore and on the boat, was the all-female aspect of eXXpedition. After spending three weeks with 13 previously unknown women on a boat, I can absolutely confirm that it is an inspiring, encouraging and bonding experience.

We all come from different backgrounds, countries and experiences but on board we became a team, a sisterhood, a family. Exchanging views, hearing their stories and learning from the experience of such an amazing and diverse group of extraordinary women is a gift I am deeply grateful for. Conversations were honest and open, with no feeling of having to proof oneself to the others or convincing someone about your skills and views. The inner feeling of being your true self, being seen for the person you are or having others showing you a future way of how to become who you want to be. Calming down on the inside, finding peace and strength next to so much laughing with an open heart, this is was female empowerment can look like.

Photo credit: eXXpedition

The atmosphere on board was so humble, nurturing and generous – everybody took care of each other, in times of sea sickness, through gently stroking ones’ head to wake them up for the night shift, preparing tea or bringing biscuits for the helm, having an open ear or shoulder to cry on, and so many tiny actions that can mean a lot to others.

Photo credit: eXXpedition

What we also take away with us is the sense of pride and achievement – we have crossed the Atlantic ocean, starting in the Azores as a group of strangers, arriving in Antigua as a sisterhood of strong women – an experience we will never forget and a source of energy for all challenges that might come up in our future.

Thank you ladies for the amazing time – love you all!

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