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Crew Update: Round Britain Day 21

eXXpedition Round Britain crew member Tanya Ferry reflects on leaving the Thames for the final part of the eXXpedition Round Britain journey to Plymouth: “Today we leave the Thames, which for me is a sad moment. But, excitingly we are able to use the Manta trawl, this will be the first time it has been […]

Crew Update: Round Britain Day 19

As Sea Dragon and the leg 3 crew settle in on the Thames, eXXpedition Round Britain First Mate Holly Vint describes the highlights of the day before, as the crew approached the Thames Estuary: “Having emerged from the eerie fields of gas and oil rigs just off the Wash, this morning’s 4am watch began with us […]

Plastic Pollution and the Thames

eXXpedition Round Britain is working with some great partners during our journey around the British Isles. One of these partners is the Port of London Authority who are working hard to improve environmental conditions on the Thames, through their Cleaner Thames campaign and through supporting relevant projects, such as eXXpedition Round Britain! In fact, the […]