Night watch 4a.m 7 Nov
In Native American ceremonies throwing up is called “getting well” . It is something to be done proudly in front of the tipi fire. It is illness moving out of the body physically. I really got well last night. I was crouching at the helm but Holly heard me from the heads.
When it was over I sank back, my body no longer filled with the tension of trying not to be sick .I was surrendered and open . The ocean sought me out with her white tipped fingers, uncovering and soothing me, enveloping me in her vast soft waves. The energy of a whale came close “”I am Steady,” it said, “Steady Mama”. The barrier between myself and the sea,one I was keeping firm and boundaries had dissolved. I was still on the ship but also deep in the sea, amniotic fluid for parts of me about to birth.
Next Watch lunchtime 8 Nov
Read My Lips. That is the name of the cup of tea that Amanda, the mermaid student from the Yukon just passed me. She has been telling me about a semester she spent on a Tall Ship I could tell you more but I will encourage her to blog about it. She does it best. The tea is rich and delicious, full of chocolate and hibiscus. I am enjoying it even though I know it will come back over the side later.
Imogen , our skipper announces that we have reached a waypoint, a significant change in direction. Our next way point is Ascension, one of the world’s remotest islands.
If you want to navigate a ship you need to know it’s destination.
Where am I heading? I am using this moment to get clear on mine. I am changing course. I am heading to the effortless embodiment of my full feminine human potential and my willingness to share it unselfconsciously with the world. Destination Ascension.