A huge congratulations to talented crew member, Marcia Reinauer, for directing and producing Outside TV Dispatches’ episode “Sirens of The Sea”, a film on eXXpedition Round the World Plymouth to Azores voyage in October 2019.


Hailing from the USA, filmmaker and photographer Marcia joined the first leg of eXXpedition’s Round The World Voyage, documenting the exhilarating voyage! Watch the film below, which took our crew 1617 nautical miles upwind in unrelenting rains and winds across the Atlantic.



“What a brilliant insight into the challenges of science at sea and the resilience of a group of passionate women on a mission.” – Emily Penn, Mission Director eXXpedition


“Today was a lesson on how quickly Mother Nature decides that too much of a good thing… is well… exactly that. We had beautiful weather today, with the sun coming out, the winds and the seas calming down slightly, blue skies, fluffy white clouds which also allowed us to do some sampling with the Manta Trawl – and then as quickly as it all came in, the winds changed and we are back to battling the winds and keeling at quite a steep angle as we race to the Azores.” – Leg 1 Crew Member.


Photo credit: eXXpedition & Nomad Mnemonics


Despite the challenging conditions aboad SV TravelEdge, the crew managed to keep a smile on their faces, learn a bit of sailing (and sailmaking!), and collect and analyse the first of our Round The World samples at sea. During the voyage, every trawl sent out to the water came back with microplastic fragments.


“This is by far the most difficult work I have ever completed as a film director and editor. So incredibly proud of the women who supported me through this insane endeavor. Our oceans are in great need of our help right now. Hopefully through this Dispatches episode more people can see the importance of reducing single-use plastics in our daily lives.” – Marcia Reinauer.


Thanks to the many great organisations who have supported eXXpedition Round the World and share our vision of tackling ocean plastic through scientific research and empowering leaders; Travel Edge, TOMRA, Red Ensign Group, SAP, 11th Hour Racing, Slaughter and May, Rothy’s and Perkin Elmer.