On Sunday 27th October 2019 the crew for eXXpedition leg 2 assembled in the Azores to prepare for the crossing from the Azores to Antigua. The crew are waiting for an appropriate weather window for departure.

eXXpedition North Atlantic Gyre from Azores to Antigua with Copernicus Marine Service will take them through the densest accumulation zone for plastics in the North Atlantic, where they’ll conduct research for acclaimed scientific institutions as part of eXXpedition Round the World. This mission will be lead by eXXpedition Science Lead Dr Winnie Courtene-Jones. 

Approximately 18 days will be spent at sea sailing across the Atlantic Ocean from the Azores to Antigua, an island in the West Indies. The route will enable us to take in the North Atlantic Gyre, one of the five main plastic accumulation zones on our planet and a key focal point of our ‘Round the World’ mission, led by our onboard expert to collect scientific data and discuss solutions to the issue of marine plastic.  Antigua, a low-lying island with many beautiful beaches and coral reef ecosystems fringing its shores, will welcome us to the Caribbean. Sitting on the boundary between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, this island provides a good setting for us to share our story of our crossing with the local population and raise awareness of the plastic pollution issue and solutions.

eXXpedition North Atlantic Gyre from Azores to Antigua is sponsored by Copernicus Marine Service

eXXpedition North Atlantic Gyre from Azores to Antigua is sponsored by Copernicus Marine Service. Component of the European Union Copernicus program, The Copernicus Marine Service (also referred to as CMEMS) is dedicated to ocean monitoring and forecasting for the global ocean and the European regional seas. Implemented by Mercator Ocean International, a centre for global ocean analysis and forecasting, the Copernicus Marine Service provides a reliable and a sustainable response to user needs in application areas such as maritime safety, marine resources, the marine and coastal environment and climate and seasonal forecasting.

Outreach in the Azores before departure

Since joining the boat in the Azores the crew have received briefings from the professional crew and started to settle into their living space for the next few weeks. While waiting for an appropriate weather window, the crew are taking part several land-based activities. These included the land-based Circularity Assessment Protocol research, a talk at the University and a visit to the Musami waste facility.

Our Round the World Leg 2 Crew

Dr Winnie Courtene-Jones –  UK,  Science Lead/Mission Leader
Anna Strang – UK, Skipper
Maggie Kerr – Australia, First Mate
Sophie DingwallUK, Deck Hand
Emily Butler – UK, Environmental Science Graduate
Yanika Borg – Malta Data, Analyst/ Scientist
Natascha Glanzer-Fuerst – Austria, Sustainability Entrepreneur
Erica Cirino – USA, Writer, Artist, Wildlife Rehabilitator
Louise Tremewan – UK, Teacher
Marita Schmidt – Austria, Business Unit Coordinator
Rikki Eriksen – USA/Denmark, Marine Biologist
Barbara Roy – USA, Insurance Broker
Emilie Boge-DreslerDenmark, Costume Designer
Nita Jirgensone – Latvian, Sociologist

You can read more about all our Round the World crew here on our website.


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