Today came the decision I have been anticipating regarding our relentless attempts to realistically reach Ascension Island within the allotted time frame. Due to the light airs off of Senegal followed by ambiguous squalls of the doldrums and finally the headwinds below, it is simply not possible to reach Ascension at this stage whilst retaining a prudent amount of fuel to safely transit across to Recife afterwards.
It has been the likely outcome for many days now but everyone has given it their best effort and finally we had the difficult and naturally disappointing crew discussion at lunch time. Fortunately due to the nature of the expedition our crew are all too familiar with the fluid dynamic of these trips and the fact we that whatever our efforts, we are ultimately at the mercy of Mother Nature.
On a positive note, this does mean that our intrepid explorers will complete a non stop ocean crossing along a relatively unique route which will incorporate an equatorial crossing also in a few days time. Many of our crew were previously non sailors and therefore this epic 3 week passage represents a truly remarkable journey in more ways than one. We are all disappointed not to get to see Ascension but we have a strong team dynamic and already we are adapting to the new concept of what lies ahead. We hope to reach landfall in Recife around the 26th November and we are compiling a wish list for our arrival involving white chocolate Magnums and Prosecco amongst other items. The science continues no matter and on a personal note I am very much looking forward to crossing into the Southern Hemisphere which represents a poignant personal benchmark.
Life on Sea Dragon continues.
– Emily Caruso, First Mate on Sea Dragon.