Meet Heather Peters… a retired sheet-metal worker from San Francisco, California.
Heather worked for thirty years in the building trades and says she is very handy to have about – just what we need onboard Sea Dragon!
Never one to shy away from a challenge, Heather believes life is made up of a series of opportunities, and it’s our job to grab hold of them with both hands and grow.
In April 2015 Heather trekked to Everest Base Camp 5,364 metres (17,598 ft) in the Khumbu Valley of Nepal. Heather completed her greatest challenge to date via the Kongma la Pass after being forced down the mountain the previous October due to snow.
It’s always been Heather’s dream to cross an Ocean, so when she came across eXXpedition she jumped at the chance to get involved.
Besides extreme adventure we wanted to know what else makes Heather tick, so we fired some questions her way and here’s what she had to say….

Q: What colour is your toothbrush?

A: Blue

Q: If you could teleport where would you go and why?

A: Top of the world, summit of MT. Everest. I would like to look down on the mountains instead of up.

Q: Who do you admire the most (dead or alive)?

A: Jimmy Carter

Q: What’s your top tip for reducing plastic use – what works for you?

A: San Francisco has enacted a law that has banned plastic bags. Retailers have replaced plastic with paper and charge consumers for them. As a result everyone has their reusable bags with them at the ready. If drugstores would enact the same policy of charging you for a new plastic pill bottle or discounting your prescription every time you refilled it with the same bottle, imagine the possibilities.

Q: If you could put just one thing at the top of your bucket list, what would it be?

A: Crossing an ocean!

Q: What’s the most delightful word you can think of?

A: Water

Q: What’s your biggest fear?

A: Not meeting others expectations

Q: Favourite flavour ice-cream?

A: Coffee

Q: Who would be your 4 ultimate dinner party guests (dead or alive)?

A: Eleanor Roosevelt, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Jimmy Carter and Nelson Mandella.

Q: Where would you go if you were invisible?

A: The Situation Room at the White House

Q: If you owned your own Yacht, what would you call her?

A: Sweet Dreams

Q: What have you done that you are most proud of?

A: Raised a good citizen

Q: What would your Superhero power be?

A: To control the weather

Q: What piece of advice have you been given that was most rewarding?

A: To stay quiet and let things work themselves out

Q: What’s the most important thing you want to take away from your eXXpedition voyage?

A: To experience adventure with purpose, that will affect the greater good

Q: What’s your favourite marine animal and why?

A: California Gray Whale

Q: What’s the one thing that drives you crazy?

A: Cell phone use in public spaces

Thanks Heather!