Typical cleaning and personal care products contain more than 90% water content. A typical UK home creates 100kg of plastic waste in one year, just from personal care and everyday household care products. By removing the need to ship water, carbon footprint is cut down significantly – while also cutting down on packaging.

Below are some of our favourite options out there:

My Clean Path

CleanPath® comes with a reusable bottle that is fully customizable and a refill pod that makes 6 bottles of powerful, eco-friendly cleaner. Cut plastic waste by 90% and pay half as much for premium cleaners.

We Are Spruce

Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and pesticide under your kitchen sink. Buy the bottle once and get concentrated refillable sachets sent to your door.


Overhaul your cleaning routine to start cutting out single-use plastic from your home. Includes 7 reusable containers and non-toxic tablet refills. Just add water!