If the ocean could speak, what would it say?
I imagined this would be an incredible experience, but I cannot believe that it would be so beautiful from the beginning. Looking at the sunset, the sunrise, the dolphins that swim next to Sea Dragon, the light of the stars that reflect into the water, the moon and Venus next to it, and the silence of the Atlantic Ocean. All of these make me realize how beautiful the world we live in is.
Looking at the horizon with the stars that guide us to the direction we are aiming for, I can hear voices from the ocean, and the silence becomes almost loud.
I hear voices of the past, conquistadors, colonialists, royal people, artists, explorers, the voices of slaves at the back of the ships wondering where their masters would take them.
I wonder if the ocean could speak, what it would say? It has witnessed so many different situations throughout the centuries. I wonder if we could hear and understand its voice, would that change our actions towards it?
I wonder what the Ocean thinks about the pollution that it is facing today. Is it suffocating it? Making it angry? Witnessing the death of its creatures and can’t do much about it.
We, eXXpedition, hope to help you, Ocean to be clean and to create a dialogue where everyone will respect and appreciate you more. In the end, you are always there. To transport us, to give us water and salt, to control our climate. Somehow we have to thank you.
I wish each single person on this planet could experience sailing and be in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by its silence, the moon and the stars. They would probably realise the beauty of this world, eventually stop polluting it, leading them towards a more empathetic view of our mother earth.
Erika, our happy designer in residence.
Photo supplied by Erika.