Well Noah it was six years ago today that you shot out of my body in less than four hours, a speed you have kept up! I remember those first few days when we lay in bed at Plot Street Cottage. I lay there stunned as my heart flooded with a new kind of love. I remember you tiny and squashed, and watching your body slowly unfurl was as wonderful then as it is watching your childhood unfold today.
As I write this I look out at the Atlantic ocean and it is as infinite and vast as the love I have for you. I see you Noah, majestic, gentle, funny, enthusiastic and kind.
I remember when I left I said to you that you would find me in the water, that we could connect across the ocean into the water you drink and wash in.
I hope you have also felt me hold you at night and laugh with you in the day. I was on watch one evening and felt your head resting in my lap.
I know you have had some hard times without me but I also know that you have been well loved and cared for.
The ocean and the women on board are teaching me to hold you more fully and how to rise to the challenge of adventure.
The science is showing me how we can take care of the world for your future.
All I have left to say is Happy Birthday!
Go for it!
Trust yourself!
I love you!
Love mummy x

  • Sarah Mooney, storyteller in residence with eXXpeditionStory