eXXpedition North Pacific crew member and film producer Sarah Michler introduces us to crew member, actress and influencer Ellise Chappell…

“Ellise Chappell may be known for her leading role in “The Last Dragonslayer” or as Morwenna on the hit show “Poldark,” but on board she is the bubbly, positive, driven crew member who is determined to spread awareness on the plastics issue.
Ellise is from Warwickshire, England and grew up studying drama. Ellise has always had a passion for the environment. Her mother remembers her anger at the young age of 14 years when Heinz beans switched from cans to the microwavable snap pots!
With her success as an actress, Ellise immediately saw the amazing opportunity to use her voice to help influence her followers. Her show Poldark has an average of 6-7 million views each Sunday in the UK so she has quickly become a role model, particularly for young girls.
Each day on the boat, Ellise posts content for her followers to help educate on what the daily science has revealed and on how each person can work towards making a difference. She is using her unique public position in the best way possible. The world needs more passionate role models like Ellise!
We are so lucky to have Ellise on eXXpedition, she always has a smile and a can-do attitude. She is so relatable, positive, and has a contagious energy. As my watch partner, she’s made the tough night shifts be hilariously fun with laughter and stories! She also has the best eyesight and can spot any glimmer of a ship coming towards us on the horizon — even before the navigation radar picks up on it. I know Ellise is going to make a huge impact on the world, I can’t wait to see all that she does!”